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Follow on from my last post after af came back after 4 months respite post DCCV, my fabulous arrhythmia nurse who I saw last Thursday, referred me to Bournemouth , I was willing to go private for the initial consultation as there could be a 3 month wait to see him then another 3 or 4 for an ablation. As it happens he had a cancellation on Wednesday so I took it !!! My choices are ablation in Bournemouth with him and he will ablate round pulmonary arteries and down the side as well .....50 % chance of working because of the length of time been in af !! Alternative is a newer procedure called convergent procedure for af, 60% chance of working but would need to be done in London . What shall I do ? My gut feeling is Bournemouth, and try other if this fails or have another ablation..............please help..........

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  • Hi Rooney, I have no knowledge about a convergent procedure, but I assume your EP was giving the alternative because he thought it might be more suitable for you. I know I'll be trying to find out more about a convergent procedure and I'm fairly confident you will too. I'm also confident you will get some advice over the weekend from those with greater knowledge, but be encouraged that your cardioversion worked for a reasonable time which bodes well for the future. I expect you will not have too long to make your mind up, but I'm sure you will make the right decision once you have a better understanding of the choices. At least you are aware that further procedures may be necessary, best of luck whichever route you decide to take....John

  • Thanks John , I am after as much info as poss, obviously the ep gave me an outline and told me to have a look for more info so I can make a decision for myself so here I am, my first port of call !! Thanks again Sharon

  • I see you have been a member for 7 mths so you know there are some very knowledgeable folk here, but it looks like there out on the razzle....I'm sure it will not be long before you learn more....John

  • I've just googled convergent ablation and it looks interesting. Although I'm a bit wary of US sites, it looks like it is a procedure which is better suited for patients with longterm pesistent AF which has always been the more difficult type to treat.....I have now idea if has been used much in the UK, although I have heard of advances in mapping.....

  • Convergent procedure sounds like a version of a maze procedure. I thought a maze type procedure had a higher success rate even if long standing persistent afib?

    Is there some other complications?

  • yep, looks like you are right!!!

  • No complications azriverrat , just very long term paroxysmal afib and then I spent approximately two years very breathless and tired, gaining weight and blaming that, only to find out it was persistent afib ( no medication obviously as I didn't know ) when I had a small heart attack ( not too many grateful for a small heart attack, but it may of saved me from a stroke) last had heart failure, probably partly due to afib and a bit heart attack, since I have not drunk, get plenty of exercise and have started to shift the excess weight , when I'm in nsr but breathless when not so that doesn't help. Thanks

  • Who is your EP and which hospital is he at in London or will it be done by someone else?

    I haven't heard of the convergent procedure and cannot delve into it right now but my gut feeling is to go with it since he has given that an extra 10% which in reality is a 20% (10/50 = 0.2 = 20%) increase in your chances. The fact that he even suggested it, let alone moving the procedure to London (which will require additional work and justifications for funding transfers), seems a big plus. In addition those in persistent AF (including me) have reduced success rates.

    Keep us all posted.

  • As I live in Weymouth I've had no ep , trusty arrhythmia nurse who has been fab, I saw an ep in Bournemouth and it would be a different person in London.

  • As you will know the trains are under 3 hours from London to Weymouth and probably more comfortable than a car and cost is under £15 single. You could get a car / taxi to Waterloo Station. It used to be that you could get transported from taxi rank to carriage door using mobility service.

  • Thanks for that Peter , getting to London is no problem as I've done the journey lots of times by car and train, the advice needed was more for information on each procedure and if anyone had personal experiences of each, which might help me decide ..........I will as like flapjack said google myself for more information.

  • Sorry but I took it as both procedures and travel!!!

  • I'll google maze procedure ........

  • Like your self I had my first ablation in Bournmouth three years ago ,it worked for eighteen months ,I have had a further one a week ago it left me badly bruised but is working keeping my fingers crossed ,the team at this hospital are first class ,and always there for advise.

  • Ah lofty I was hoping someone on here had had it done in Bournemouth and with such high regard, 18 months is a good first round, but I bet you were gutted when it came back, but I was told on Wednesday if the first one lasts 9 months he'd be pleased . Do you mind me asking who did yours ??

  • I would rather not go into names ,I think that side should be private ,all I can say is there arithmia clinic is first class.

  • I understand totally , but am glad of your high praise for them. I know this sounds silly but coming and living in a small town like Weymouth I'm even finding it daunting just thinking about going to a hospital in London with family miles away, at least Bournemouth is reachable in 40 mins .

  • Hi Rooney wish you luck with your chance of Bournmouth they are noted for there heart expertise ,DOctors and Nurses first class..

  • Thank you

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