Panic !

I thought I was doing so well and now my heart is pumping away at 140 ! No doctors appt available typical so panic is setting in . Had my cardio version last August and all was going well until this week when I've been getting out of breath and tired , that feeling of your legs turning to lead , and I've felt my heart fluttering , but irregular. Decided to put my keep fit heart monitor on and low and behold 140 , when it's been 70's . Here we go again . I shall pop into the surgery to use the blood pressure machine and at least the receptionist said if it was that high ' a doctor will see you ' , fingers crossed . Any words of wisdom ?


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  • So sorry cannot help but will be thinking of you. Shirley.x

    ps Try not to worry makes it worse.

  • Yes it's absolute pants. Been there twice now the last after being SN for 13 months. Now back in AF and likely to stay that way I think. Nothing I can suggest other than telling you that you're not alone. Good luck

  • As others have said, try your best to stay calm. Sorry that you are feeling rotten right now, but going to the doc is the best course of action. Good luck to you!

  • I'm sure that they told you that cardioversion is never a cure for AF but it is always a shock when you find out. Please understand that heart monitors can't read accurately when you are in AF so 140 is probably not correct anyway. Just try to keep calm and carry on as they say. Try to get an ECG done so that you have something to show to cardiology or the EP when you get to see one. You MUST ask for a copy of the ECG trace. Yes make sure that you do get to see an EP please or you will never get the best treatment.

    You also need to discuss anticoagulation if you are not already on something as if you are back in AF then you are at risk.


  • Did you tell your doctors surgery that your heart rate was 140? I'm surprised they didn't make an exception and see you. When I have tachycardia and ring down to my surgery they always say come in and have an ECG. Hope all goes well. Make sure you let us know how you get on.


  • Lisa, can't you go to your surgery and tell them it's an emergency?

    It's not something you want to wait for an appointment for.

    Ask them if they want you to go to A and E instead. That might do it.


  • Just echoing Bob in that I have two sports monitors and neither work when I'm in AF. They give incorrect (and high) readings. One of them will just shoot up to 200 and stick there, that's a Polar chest strap monitor. An EP told me that when in AF they cannot tell what is a beat and what isn't, or something like that.


  • Thank you for your replies . I went to the surgery and used their heart monitor machine , pulse still racing at 125 presented slip of paper to receptionist , gave her the short version of my AF history and requested to see a doctor there and then as I thought I might need to go back on my heart drug Digoxin , ( don't you just love them , talk about my life in your hands ) instead of giving me the usual patter of you'll have to get an appointment week . She got me straight in to see my doctor . And yes, back in a fib, back on the heart drug, ECG booked and follow up next week. As for another cardio version , probabably but when my heart has calmed down . These things happen , nothing I've done could have prevented going back, hey ho , 6 months was a fair shot, maybe next time. I'm lucky I'm on R ivaroxaban , Bisoprolol, Ramipril and Atorvastatin , and my heart monitor is a Polar for my gym workouts , they at least give a ball park figure !


  • I'm sorry to hear about the return to AF. Good that you got it recordes ans hopefully you Will get things sorted soon. take care

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