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Post ablation, blood and breathlessness

Afternoon all

Looks like my earlier posts on my Ablation going well were slightly premature.

Summary, despite felling good after my ablation (17th feb) for two days, but on the Friday I notice being out of breath more and that was only walking round the house and also the same evening I noticed blood within my spit when I coughed.

Symptons still there Saturday morning, felt weak and there was more blood, of to local AE.

After x ray of chest, BP and bloods was eventually transferred to where I had the ablation, the on ward registrar had various theories what could be cause a couple which spooked me to say the least.

Idea was to have Ct scan but discounted due reaction I had on my previous one then MRI discussed.

Upshot spentthe night in hospital, was given antibiotics to start, woke up ths morning slight better breathless but not as bad as two days previous.

Sample was given with a few tiny spots of blood, discussion with registrar, x ray followed showed all clear as it did. Saturday.

Was agreed I could go home after there was discussion registrar & cardiologist who agreed as symptons had eased they old rule out anything sinister.

Have been told best to contact EP for an earlier follow up appointment as checks will still need to be carried out

Has anyone else experienced these symptons post ablation.



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Hi Mark,

Don't start to panic yet as very very early days...Has it been mentioned to you that there may have been some difficulty crossing from the right Atrium to the left as was the case with me which created a lot of discomfort for a few weeks ie behind the breastbone....Also gastro esophagus condition which I was assured would get better in time all part and parcel of the Ablation...I was very breathless also and was unable to walk out of the ward to the waiting car...This got better after about one week of bed rest...I don't recall seeing blood but I remember tasting at back of throat...

You have been reassured by the EP but I am also guessing you will have been given the hospital 24Hr helpline so don't hesitate to use it if you feel the need...

Your Heart has taken a battering and its understandably "angry" but will calm itself down these next few days.

Take care and rest,



I forgot to mention I was taken off all meds (flec and Bisop) but told to use as a PIP If was breathless or AF symptoms were to much to bear which I used once during first 2 weeks post Ablation...and have not needed to use since "touching wood"...C


Sorry to hear all of this, but it sounds like you have been checked out with no serious problem to be found. I imagine if you have any fears they will continue to be supportive and do further checks, so if you have further worries, tell them. But hopefully things will settle now.


Sorry to hear this. I do remember saying the week after was more challenging than the ablation! In my case my groin and leg have been very painful and I've had lots of flashing.lights.. all a bit alarming but I hope temporary. It sounds as though your problem was very frightening but is also probably temporary.let us know how you go on.x


I'm curious Mick. What 'reaction' did you experience with a CT scan?


The dye they injected caused me to come out in a red rash rash and hives like mozzarella bites, never really bothered me, they injected piriton into me and everything was gone with 5minutes, got a great buzz of the piriton haha


No spell check, that should be mozzy bites 😀


Oh I don't know, it can be a nasty piece of cheese that one...


The dye mad me feel as though I had wet myself but I was pre-warned so it didn't faze me....At least you had a buzz out of it!!!!!

Tell me how are you today? Feeling better I hope....


Hi, felt much better today thanks, and my EP also saw me at short notice today (top bloke) and explained the blood and short of breath, so feel at ease since my chat with him.


Hello Mick,

I had my first ablation in April 2014, and like you I coughed up a little blood for a few days after. At most it was a tea spoons amount, I spoke to the hospital and they said it was probably the TOE I had and not to worry unless it got alot worse. Anyway it stopped after about three days, and I continued with my recovery.

Unfortunately I am going in for my second ablation this Saturday.


Hi Swale, I never had the TOE.

My EP today eplained it was probably more to do with the cyro ballon freeze and howit can leave a frozen type pool between the Pv and the lung, symptoms have improved by day which is a indicator of nothing serious.

Shame about the 2nd ablation, so how long did the 1st last before a 2nd was decided on


It lasted just over eight months. I was doing really well (or so I thought) then this Christmas I went into AF again. Managed to get an appointment to see my EP who booked me in again for the second go...


What a choker, seems we can never really move on from this awful disease, 8 months you would of thought cracked it.

No point me getting excited about a week then 😄


Nor me! 2 weeks clear for me although I am still on medication although reduced. At least we CA N have another if needs be and next time I won't be as worried.


I think that is because it is a condition rather than a disease!!! As you may have seen form the posts some have had AF for many years!! For many it goes up and down, often for no apparent reason!!!

Good luck!!!


Glad you are feeling reassured and good that your E. P. Saw you quickly.x


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