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Iron Deficiency

Hi I haven't asked many questions before but I always read everything and this have helped me lots.

I have had AF for about 10 years not got lot support only what i get from reading here. I seen cardiolgist last week just had copy of letter they sent to my GP it says I am iron deficient (Ferritin11) with out anemia and recommends coeliac serology and recommends i go to Iron Deficient Clinic. I don't understand half of that. I was talking to neighbor and they said it was lack of red blood cells and could be start of leukemia. I have to wait 2 weeks for gp to see me. Does anyone else have this problem. any advice will be much appreciated from CB

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Hi Carol

Truthfully I don't know if it's common with AF, all I can say is the Coeliac means pertaining to the stomach and abdomen, and serology is checking for antibodies in the serum or part of the blood.

Re your neighbours comments, again I don't know and I am sure they are well meaning, but if they are worrying you why don't you ring the NHS helpline on 111 and tell them what you know, and I am sure they will give you a better grounding in what they might be doing.

You might also want to ring back your GP and ask for an urgent appointment, this is obviously and understandably worrying you you need to see a GP earlier than two weeks.

Be well



Thank you Ian.

I will try tomorrow see if I can get to see GP earlier.but Im not very happy at moment with GP its too long to explain here but i will try for earlier appointment.

thanks again



Hi Carol

Please don't worry about this as your neighbour is plain wrong! Anaemia and leukaemia are totally different illnesses. A common reason for low iron levels is coeliac disease (because food isn't absorbed properly) so that's what the test is for. There's lots of other causes as well including diet and periods. As Ian says try and see your GP as soon as possible but try not tô worry in the meantime.



Hi Alison

Thank you for your comment she did mention possible coeliac disease but she wants me to see GP for explanation. I am going to ring first thing in morning see if I can get into GP this week. I am so tired with it all. It just seems one thing after another anyway chin up keep going thank you for you response.



I am Iron deficient and now have Anaemia. I am 71 and have Systemic Sclerosis, PBC, Achalasia and Sjogren's and the Anemia is the result of all those things having an effect on my digestive system and preventing food being properly absorbed. When your Ferritin (iron stores) get low it prevents you from making red blood cells which are the ones which carry oxygen. A Ferritin Infusion is no hassle just have to be in a Lazyboy chair at day stay for 4 hours or so. A lure in your arm and a good book to read while you are there and you will be right again for a month or two.


I agree with Allison and think your neighbour should top making you worry. I doubt that this has anything to do with AF although strangely excess iron in your body can be a cause of AF. We had a chap on the original AFA forum who had a condition where iron accumulated in his body and caused all sorts of problems including AF. Doctors seldom test for that as it is quite rare. I think it was called heamachromatosis ?



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