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Stomach problems

Have a problem with stomach related issues Gerd etc. Have been on Lansoprazole. For 3 years but lately have been getting more discomfort especially as night. bloatedness tender in diaphragm area etc. Now doc suggests ultra scan...but have to wait four weeks although have considered private route. Any comments appreciated as I am also getting other health probs which I am not sure if related or not such as more visits to loo etc.

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You dont say if you have AF as well I can only assume that you have....Or indeed whether you have recently had an Ablation..

Following my PV Ablation last August I developed gastro-esophagus reflux disease which my EP confirms sometimes can happen following an Ablation and would eventually clear up in time....I was prescribed Lansoprazole but the symptoms persisted together with irregular bowel moments and the most excruciating pain between shoulder blades...

I am very mindful of what I eat and also proactive in having treatments...I have had several Chiropractor/DR treatments this past two months and now on a course of Physiotherapy funded for by my "Benendon" health insurance....

I must say I am feeling relief now and the pain underneath the breastbone/between shoulder blades is getting less but its taken all of 6 months.I also take a small teaspoonful of Andrews Liver Salts together with a VIT C tablet the kind that dissolves in water last thing at night,this tip was given to me by a Liverpool Rodney St. Physician....

Your GP is the best person to advise and the ultra sound scan is the first course of action in eliminating any other diseases...

Good luck,



Thank you so much for your very helpful reply. I have ongoing AF but take warfarin 3 mg daily. Ablation has never been discussed and my GP feels had it been appropriate the Cardiac dept at the hospital would have raised the matter with me? I am more concerned at present with bloating and tenderness in diaphragm area hence I am to have ultra scan in 2 weeks and hope following this they will be able to treat the problem....meanwhile I am looking at various dietry options which I hope will assist a solution. I should mention I have been monitored for two periods one 24 hours then 7 days with a view to fitting pacemaker but they have said they do not feel it appropriate at the moment.Thank you again.


G'day George,

I pass the following comments on for you to consider .... but am not a Dr so am not giving you anything but my own experience. A few months after the diagnosis of AF I identified food as the trigger for AF to start. So working top down, massive bloating, burping, intestinal gurgling and diahorrea. Once I'd been tested for Coeliac disease and IBS and cleared I consulted a nutritionist. Based on her advice I took a course of VSL#3 probiotic powder, then went gluten free and began to follow some, but not all, aspects of FODMAPS DIET (if you don't know it suggest you google it, Kings College, London website have something on it). Now over 4 years down the track my digestive system is normal and I can't think of my last AF event. Now I'm going added sugar free and looking at carbohydrates to assist in some weight loss.

The bloating was the worst and was so bad could feel pressure on my heart. The rest of it was socially embarrassing. I believe the common denominator is the Vagal Nerve, a nerve of the central nervous system which controls the heart and digestive system.

Must say I haven't had much in the way of reflux, but it has occurred in the last 5 years. I also had extensively when in my mid thirties. No action was taken on it in those days - or since.

Hope this helps.



Thank you so much I now have plenty to work on. My AF was only picked up 3 years ago and as I am retired they thought pacemaker appropriate.However having had several trips to cardia dept at local hospital monitoring etc for 7 day period then another later for just 24hours they have decided all I require is warfarin 3mg dailey. and have said come back should you find symptoms troublesome . I live with that at present but have over time developed Gerd and in recent weeks tenderness in the diaphragm area. The GP has decided I need ultra scan which is in 2weeks...and he said those findings will be basis of further treatment.At no time has ablation been mentioned and my GP said if appropriate it would have been discussed with me at the hospital. I do however feel diet may well assist me so will look into your suggestions. Thank you again.


I was told that I had an episode re ECG & was diagonised with pal Easter 2014. No symptoms of ab fib ie rapid heartbeat. Given 1.25 bisoprolol & aspirin.1.25 was increased to 2.50 then 3.75 because still having chest pains/ache but after all tests showed no heart disease the aspirin was stopped.Having only bisoprolol seemed to cause burning in throat & indigestion. To see if it helped I reduced to 2.50 then 1.25 but now also taking Omeprazole which when throat stops aching ( the burning has now gone) I want to be able to reduce gradually. Why were you only given warfarin if have an fib symptoms, I have no symptoms? Gp said all my chest discomfort not related to heart or ab fib or digestion ( I can belch for England!) but he will not reduce dose.


Hospital advised they thought might need pacemaker later but warfarin meanwhile with option to go back if AF becomes worse...still seeing GP and he seems to have feeling my stomach may be the problem so I am hoping he is right as I go for ultra scan shortly.


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