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Pre opp appointment done and dusted

And all well so far. B.p. Good heart rate o.k. and in rhythm today thanks to flecanide! I.N.R. 2.5 so good to go next Wednesday as long as all stays well. I'm amazed my blood pressure was only 120/70 as I was an hour late for my appointment due to rush hour traffic I Cardiff AND roadworks. Next I have to get the T.O.E. out of the way. Hypnotherapy is going well and definitely helping me to not constantly think about the whole thing. X

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Your will wonder what you worried about once it is all over. Courage ma brave.



I do hope you get on well- we had our patient support group tonight and some members of the forum were there and we mentioned you and ablation so we will all be thinking about you. Good to hear the hypnotherapy is helping

Please let us know how you get on

very best wishes,


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Thank you so much everyone. I will keep you all posted.x


Brilliant prep. keep it up!

almost finished after such a long wait!



That sounds as though it's going well dedeottie. Not long to go now. That traffic and being late would have wound me up but the thought of an ablation wouldn't.

Koll :-)


Thank you. It's a good job they weren't taking my husband's blood pressure. He was definitely not calm! X


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