Stress test done and dusted!

Thanks to everyone who gave me info on the stresstest. I had mine yesterday and it was just as you all said. The E.P. was there to read the E.C.G. and to check for potential ventricular rhythms that apparently flecanide can sometimes initiate. Anyway all was well and as an 'extra' he continued the test to work out what % of my max heart rate I could safely work at at the gym which was really helpful to me. Bob there were no good-looking young men so I managed to stay on the treadmill...bit disappointing. Anyway a month down the line the flecanide is keeping A.F. completely at bay and it seems my heart is otherwise healthy so I am happy. Once again, thanks for all advice x

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  • Glad it all went well.


  • Went to get mine today, but heart rate too high to do the test, going to send me for a scan through a 'donut' (thats what they called it) machine... at least I didn't have to run on that monster treadmill...

  • Hi. I was in N.S.R. At the time of doing the test so it was o.k. but I wondered what they would have done if heart rate was high. As you say at least you will be lying down for the donut test! Good luck with that. X

  • Very sorry to hear this. i.e that there were no handsome young men about. Maybe you need another test :-)

  • I think I will pass on that! Don't think I'm fit for another test yet nice young men or not!

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