Pre ablation appointment

As already posted, I have a pre ablation appointment on Wednesday, at Freeman hospital in Newcastle. I always think of question to ask AFTER a meting, so any advice so I can write then down.

Thanks in advance

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  • As I was pretty asymptomatic, I was worried that I would make mine worse if ablation wasn't successful, I was told no, at worst I'd be same

  • Interesting. 3 weeks after my first Ablation AF came back with a vengeance, much more aggressive, heart rate up from 110 ish to 170ish, more frequently, from 7-8 days without AF to every other day, although not so long lasting, 36-72 hours down to 15-36 hours. EP just said this can happen.

  • Is there anything you want to know about procedure eg under general or sedation? How long it may last? Chance of success? What is the regime afterwards and the recovery? Will you need to be on medication afterwards? May you need a second ablation? How long need to be off work? Those are some ideas??

  • Ask what you need to be doing in advance.

  • I go to Freeman! Who is your EP?

  • I'm seeing Dr Murray (or his team) according to my letter

  • I don't know him but you'll be great! I'm in on Thursday hopefully for a cardioversion x

  • If you look at he fact sheet

    How many Ablations have you done, success rate at this hospital, recovery advice, If it fails how many procedures will you do, Warfarin, betablockers, will I be sedated, can I wake up during procedure, How long will it take approx, Just a few questions.

  • I'm glad you ask this question, Paddinton. I was getting ready to ask the same thing. My appointment is on Thursday, Nov.3 and I am nervous. Best of luck to you and thanks to those who answered, I've now made a list and will feel more comfortable.

  • Best of luck

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