Cardioversion on Friday

Husband is due for a cardio version on Friday. Is there anything we should be aware of?

As he's been in Afib for at least six weeks that we know of, probably a lot longer, how likely is it to work? His heart rate was 130 when they tested it on Friday, his oxygen level was 95% and his blood pressure was fine. They will check to see whether the clot has gone before they shock him. Hopefully the Apixaban has done it's job.

I'm not sure what he's going to be like afterwards, and how to look after him.

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  • Usually he will be able to go home soon afterwards. He will only be under GA for a very short time but must not drive for a day or two and take it easy There may be some slight burning , like sunburn , where they attach the pads but some after-sun type cream will sort that out . There is seldom any side effect other than hopefully stopping the AF although you must understand that it may not work, or if it does may not last for very long. It will enable the doctors to show that his AF is not permanent if he can be reverted to NSR. I had one occasion in London where I was done in the morning and caught a train home to Devon that evening. They wanted to know I was being accompanied and I told then my wife was waiting in the car park. I omitted to tell them it was Tiverton station car park! Not a clever thing to do actually as I did feel pretty terrible on the train so do look after him and don't let him do much for a day or so.

  • Thank you Bob. That's really interesting. So, if it goes back to normal, even for a short time, the AF isn't necessarily permanent. Guess it's worth having it done just to find that out.

  • Hello Davesgirl, sounds like he's a lucky man to have you looking out for him......obviously we are all different, but I am happy to share my experience of having a CV back in September. Firstly, let me assure you that the procedure is not anything to worry about. I was not aware of any discomfort and it was all over very quickly. I am on Warfarin, so I have no knowledge about the process with Apixaban, but it sounds like you are aware of the importance of being anti-coagulated prior to the procedure. Immediately after the procedure he will probably be a bit "dopey" but in my case, the anaesthetic was not a problem. He will be told if he is in NSR and probably what was done to get him there. Once back in the ward, he will be given something to drink and eat. Prior to leaving, he should see the Cardiologist to discuss medication and follow-up appointment which was a month later for me. How long it will last is more difficult, if you have caught it quick and everything else to do with the heart is good, then he may do well, but as I understand it, you are very much in the lap of the Gods! In my case, my CV was almost 12 weeks ago and I am still in NSR, but I get the occassional blip, missed beat, so I have no idea how long it will last. He may not improve immediately. In my case, they dropped one drug, but kept me on 3.75 Bisoprolol and I think the body takes time to adjust. About a month ago, that was reduced to 2.5. Certainly by a week after the CV I was feeling so much better. Since this started back in June, I walk about 4 miles every day and I am sure this has helped me. Please bear in mind I am not medically trained, however, I am sure your man will be absolutely wishes, John

  • Many thanks Jack. It always helps to have some idea of what to expect. It's a bit scary.....

  • I am up for my first cardo version myself in a few days.. It will bring him back into sinus rhythm and then it's anyones guess how long it lasts. I am the same with normal BP but HB of 130-140 and irregular on a cocktail of drugs that make me feel tired and short of breath. Be told will be able to go back to normal life. If cardioversion does not hold, then Ablation is on the table..

  • AS has been said cvs are not always successful.

    Hopefully it will be. I would suggest that you ensure to take medication to help maintain the sinus rythym after the cv and also do not do anything strenuous for a day or two especially lifting heavy things.

    I have had 2 cvs. The first lasted 6 months but ended after my consultant took me off the my medication. It might have been a coincidence but...

    For the second SR lasted less than 24 hours but very foolishly I tried to do too much physical work

    They are more successful if you have PAF

    Best of luck

    Is that heart rate normal for your husband? Only I was prescribed digoxin when mine was 130/140 and 1.25mg per day taken first thing controlled the rate down to a regular 60-65

  • Apologies forgot to mention....

    INR level?

    You have not mentioned your husband's INR. It is important that this is correct between 2-0 and 3.0 I think

  • I think Davesgirls hubby is on Apixaban so INR is not an issue as far as I know


  • True John.

  • Hi Davesgirl,

    Providing the cardioversion works - & most do - your husband should feel great with his heart rate back to normal. He may well feel a bit tired but nothing that a good nights sleep won't put right. Driving is restricted for 24 hrs following a GA.

    I speak with some experience having had a total of 13 electrical cardioversions ( over 22 years ). As a man he will require plenty of TLC...... me, I just had to get on with it!

    Best of luck!


  • I had a cardioversion along with five other people. One was successful. Myself and four others were not.,so don't think it will definitely work.

    Afterwards I felt exactly as I did before. No side effects at all.

    Hope it works in your case.

  • Thankyou everyone. Basically he's on 62.5mg of Digoxin, which has now stopped before the Cardioversion, 10mg of Apixaban, 10mg of Bisoprolol, 25mg do Spironolactone and 1.25mg of Ramipril.

    His heart rate was 130 last Friday, and since being diagnosed on 18th Oct his heart has never gone back to normal. The blood clot in his heart probably means he's had this a long time. And he never had any symptoms till he woke up at 2am unable to breathe.

    It doesn't look good, does it? I am not really expecting the Cardioversion to work, if I'm honest.

    I appreciate all your replies, it's been a great help.

  • Think positive! One of mine lasted over 4 years. Let us know how your husband gets on. Good luck! Sandra

  • Keep optimistic and be positive. I've stayed OK for over a year now. Ticking away like a trusty old clock!

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