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Arrived at our local hospital at 9am saw this consultant, wait for this everyone, the last two strokes I had were not strokes, they do not know as yet what it is, so more tests! what he did say the first one I had was a stroke,which did not involve this lime green colour I have been having. The very first stroke were letters falling off the PC now that was a stroke.So the last two things which changed into a lime green colour were not strokes,he also told me not to worry regarding my medication I'm taking, they wil keep me safe plus no more strokes.Here is my medication.

Rivaroxaban 20mg

Carvedilol 3.12

Atorvastatin 20mg.

So you may ask what's next, it's more tests, as we do not know what is happening ,it's a bit of a worry so the sooner we get to the bottom of this the better.It's upsetting and unsettling my husband is quite worried about it all, it's a shame as my husband has things which is going on in our lives,To be honest I would like to know what this problem is, so we shall see,

Until then our best foot forward.

I hope all this information is of help.

My best wishes to you all, thank you so much for all your support.


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  • I'm not sure if that is good or bad news Christo. I did wonder how you were having TIAs when you were anticoaguulated so the mystery deepens. I do hope they find what is casing it for both your sakes. My thoughts are with you.

  • So sorry this is happening to you... But it must be a bit of a relief to know they're not strokes! I hope that's good news and that they get to the bottom of it soon. I know that where the brain's concerned things can be pretty complicated. Do you suffer from migraines? I was wondering if it was migraine with aura...

  • No I have never had any migraine.

    If you look what I have posted to Rillim it will tell you more what's going on.

    Keep well.


  • Every cloud has a silver lining and when something happens it provides information and helps the way forward to become clearer. So, unwelcome though this might have been, it might well turn out to have been helpful. I do hope that it leads to a solution.

    It's not nice at all for you both to have problems but it does even things out a bit and perhaps makes it feel less one sided. Your other half, worried about you though he is, maybe isn't feeling that it's always him with the problems and it gives him the chance to care for you.

  • Yes you are so right he does like to care for me.

    Problem is more tests, which by the sounds of it might mean a five hours journey to another hospital which will be too much for my husband so my friend has offered to come with me, we shall go by train. We have been told by my consultant they will try to see if another hospital is possible.

    My husband is saying what lengths my friend and I are going to have a jolly he even offered to pay for lunch or dinner !

    It could be something we really don't want, whatever it is I need to know.

    Thank you for your posting.


  • Yes, answers, even if you don't like them much, are better than wondering and thinking of even worse things.

    How good that you have such an obliging and useful friend. Enquire about transport to hospital, Christo, because you might be able to get a ride in a nice car rather than having to wait around for trains. I think you can take a friend with you. I used to escort an elderly and very deaf cousin if her husband was unable to go with her. I could have taken her really but it was too complicated to undo the system that was in place. The cars that came for her were always very comfortable, although sometimes a minibus turned up. It can be slow to get home again if you have to wait for another patient but it was door to door. Not quite so easy to make a day of it and have a meal out though!

    When you feel up to it, how about a little outing for the two of you that is nothing but a treat. We had lunch out today but we also did the recycling and filled the car up so it doesn't really count.

  • Transport might be a good idea worth thinking about, ,at the moment we are thinking of trains that will not take as long about five hours we think. Thank you for our idea.


  • I don't remember how we set up the hospital transport for my elderly cousin, but I think it was through the local hospital rather than the GP surgery. It would be about ten or maybe twelve years ago. Her husband was still driving when he was well over 90 but I persuaded him that it might be better to be chauffeur driven as a lot of her appointments were in Lancaster and it's about 24 miles away. Years ago my uncle did hospital driving as he had a nice car and too much time on his hands. He used to take a young boy for dialysis twice a week and it made him feel all his minor infirmities of old age were very trivial.

  • Sorry to hear you are having this worry Christo and hope a reason and solution to your episodes can soon be found.

    Wishing you well.


  • Thank you for the update Christo - I think it is some good news that those two events were not strokes. Hopefully, a cause will be found quickly and you and your husband can put your minds at rest.

    Best wishes

  • Good to hear that the last 2episodes were not strokes and that your meds will keep you safe from any more. It is a worry when you don't get answers straight away but hopefully the tests will sort things out. Look after yourselves and try not to fret too much.

  • obviously nomidea what your situation is but when i had similar symptoms an mri scan ruled out TIA and it was diagnosed as migraine

  • Let's hope they get to the cause of your problems soon. Sure you are in safe and knowledgeable hands. Sending best wishes and calm thoughts to you and your husband x

  • Relieved for you. I also had vision disturbances (slight double vision) in the wake of a TIA and it was pretty terrifying, frankly (with the TIA I had visual issues but what was more noticeable was speech -- confusing words, slurring, etc) My eye doctor said a lot of times you can get vision disturbances from dry eyes, which doesn't sound like what you are having but just in cases try some moisturizing eyedrops from Boots maybe because if nothing else they feel great.

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