Hi last posted in May this year which after very good advice went ahead with my first Cardioversion which so far I am back in Sinus Rhythm, today I had a phone call from my Specialist Secretary having been on the waiting list for 7 months have a date for my 2rd Ablation on Nov 16th , all of the information I have read on CV is they do not last I would be grateful for any advice do I go ahead with this Ablation or cancel and hope my CV lasts Thanks for any input you can give me ,

Jack/ Emily

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  • Afraid that's a $64,000 question!!!!

    Some can last for minutes in NSR after a DCCV and others weeks, others months and a very few years. It is recognised that AF is nearly always progressive (except those with vagal AF) but what cannot be predicted is the rate of progression.

  • Thanks PeterWh lots to think about .

  • How is vagal AF distinguished from other forms?

  • As far as I know it is called vagally caused when you get it when resting or sleeping. The other form would be adrenally caused, that is by stress or exercise. I had the vagal form over many years and learned only very late from a book that with the vagal form betablockers should not be taken for precaution, that is regularly,as it only makes things worse or just does not help. Exactly my experience.

  • Not sure now what mine is . It started as a consequence of aortic valve replacement. After cardioversion I was in NSR for 15 months until my vagus nerve was stimulated during a colonoscopy. Then in NSR for another 10 months after another cardioversion until vagus nerve again stimulated during a rectal examination.


    This explains the whole thing rather well. I had my information from a book on heart desease. But the link says no betas for vagal too. I took Sotalol when an attack came to get rate down. Worked. But conversion always spontaneous, meds never worked.

  • Interesting. I'll read it in detail later. Some in the medical profession seem dubious when the vagal nerve is mentioned.

  • That sounds funny to me. Over here (Germany) they even try vagal stimulation to stop AF. They tried with me but it does not work. One doctor pressed my throat so hard, it really hurt.

    Vagal maneuvers I tried myself never worked either, cold water, pressure.

    But that there is a connection between vagal nerv and AF cannot be disputed, as there are a lot of studies. I seem to remember a rather recent one about a maneuver they tried in A+E all about the vagal nerve. Laying pepople down and suddenly raising their feet and making them breathe with pressure etc. They compared it to meds I think and it was better or equal?

  • Rather different. Brides in the bath murderer George Smith (1915) used to stand at the foot of the bath and suddenly pull his bride's feet and it was evidently vagal shock that caused their death as her head went under the water.

  • Read up on this, interesting:)

  • Here is a link to the TV Movie based on the case. It may be around on DVD.

  • You can get it for £4.99

  • Hiiiiiiii I had my cv may 2015 so far still in sinus mode so all is gd at mo cheers

  • Thanks for reply great to hear long may it last .

  • I think it It is totally about how you feel. Ablation is a more definitive procedure(then cardioversion) since it is ablating the tissue causing the conduction problem.

    Hope all goes well.

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