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mom is scared with afib still short of breath and wheezy lungs now

mom was at drs with wheezy lungs. she has a respiratory infection and is being treated with antibiotic and prednisone. her shortness of breath upon exertion still is here. dr stated it may be the respiratory infection. she is on lasix and had a normal chest xray. she is afraid with this afib condition. i don't know what to do for her. her pulse is in the 80s slight irregular and strong. she is not in heart or kidney failure as they have checked for this. we need support . thank you anyone..

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My parents both have afib, mother aged 88, father 96, so it can be managed for an older patient. They take their warfarin and rhythm control and live a normal and independent life. It's just something you learn to live with, I guess. I don't know if this info is any help, but it sounds as though you could do with some positive feedback. Good luck!


Hi there....what a caring person you are. Has your mum actually been diagnosed with AFib? If she has then it would be good if she could contact her specialist's secretary to ask for further support? If not, then the GP should be onto it! Sometimes we have to pester GPs because not all of them know much about AFib!

From your description it sounds like typical AFib and the thing is, quite apart from the strange heart activity, it can make you feel exhausted. I have days when I feel completely "normal" and others where I'm so tired, both physically and mentally, that I can do very little. If your mum has a respiratory infection that can alter how the heart responds as breathing is more uncomfortable. It's really good that the X-Ray was clear and maybe you could reinforce that positive result with her.

I'm not a professional so all I say is based on my own experiences and those of others on this most supportive website. Don't hesitate to come on here for's brilliant!

All the best to you and your mum x

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AF does feel horrible and very scary so it is normal to feel anxious. We had a saying on this site:- AF will not kill you, but it feels as though it will!

I think the best thing you can do for your Mum is loads of reassurance and look at methods to reduce her anxiety, because that will exacerbate the AF, viscous circle.

Research AF and associated risks and ensure that she is getting good advice from appropriately trained doctors, and don't be afraid to push.

The AFA, link on this site, has great information and there is a great pack you can download from


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