I have an appointment with cardio in March

and believe he may suggest an ablation as it was mentioned at my last appointment before my cardioversion. Just wondered if any of you have had an ablation done at Harefield Hospital and if so who did it and did it go well. Dr Grocott-Mason is my cardiologist at Hillingdon but not sure if he is an EP. Any info would be appreciated.


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  • Hi Brenda, I'm in the minority I know but for me ablation is the last resort after all other options fail and only when I have had time to get myself in the best of health otherwise. I am also an incurable optimist and hope that before I need an ablation they will be treating AF with an external device that emits a current….I believe there is something (not dissimilar to an electric shaver) already out there to treat other conditions with significant results.

  • Thanks for that, and yes I too would like to hang on but having been in persistent AF last year for 4 months before my cardio version am thinking time may be running out.


  • Do you know where the device you mentioned is being trialed.

  • Sorry, I saw it in the FT magazine about 6 months ago I think.

  • Sorry don't know what FT mag is

  • Financial Times magazine that is printed in the weekend edition.

  • Just looked at their website and whilst Dr Grocott-Mason isn't listed as an EP, the department specialises in heart rhythm problems.

    My ablation (QE Birmingham) worked 100% for many years. EP said I might need another and I did some 8 years later because I had a tiny bit of AF returning, but they didn't ablate because the AF went away all on it's own. Ablations are supposed to be part of a programme and not a cure and may need repeating.


  • Thanks Koll, I keep changing my mind as to whether I want one or not.


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