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I just took the 2nd tablet of Warfarin tonight. I took one this morning and now I took one tonightbefore bed. What will happen? I know if your blood is too thin, it will cause bleeding. I was having rectal bleeding from hemorrodys (sp), and after it went on a wekk or so, I went to the ER. My INR was 3.4. This was too thin, and was told to stop warfarin for 2 days and go get my blood tested . I did and the INR was 1.9. Just fine.....

So what do I do about the doubling of the warfarin. I take 3 mg, and that makes me taking 6mg....Any answers, please.

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You need to take advice from your doctor. When I took warfarin, I found that eating spinach brought my INR down- the problem is if you eat too much spinach it might fall below range which is also dangerous so it's important to get medical advice and then to be tested again after you have followed advice.

You might like to get a medicine box with days marked- I find this helps me when I can't remember whether I've taken tablet or not

Also, it's best to stick to the same time of day when taking warfarin if you can

Don't worry too much as the effect of warfarin takes time so if you get some advice today you will be OK!!

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Nothing! I doubt that it will make any difference long term. Try to make sure that you take your pills at the same time every day. Get a seven day pill box from a chemists (drug store if you are American) and use that so you sort out your doses at the beginning of the week and don't get confused.

For the record anticoagulants like warfarin do NOT thin the blood and it stays the same viscosity all the time. It just changes the way in which it clots so that thrombus' can't get started and cause a stroke. It won't make blood leak from your skin but if you do have a cut, weakness or ulcer somewhere then it will take longer for the bleeding to stop.

If you have AF then your target should be 2 to 3 so 1.9 was out of range. Some specialists suggest that 2.5 to 3.5 is a better target to ensure that people are in range for longer periods.



Hi. Were you told to take two doses of Warfarin. ? Were you told to take it morning and evening. Most take it at 6pm, which is general guidlines. Why, and by whom did the dose double. ?



My thoughts too, pip_pip. Sounds as though there was an instruction to double the dose by taking twice. Needs clarifying.


You could ask to have your INR tested and see where you are right now. When was your last test and were you high or low in the therapeutic range? Taking the dose a second time in 24 hours may not have a very big impact unless your INR was already high and even then it might not be very serious.


I too though Warfarin was just once a day dose, mine is.


Guys I think what she was saying is that she took a second by mistake and is now frightened of the consequences.


ah ha! I didn't realise. Yes, get a 7 day pill box, an essential for me anyhow!


I use a tablet box scout my warfarin for each day - I take my warfarin early evening all together - I am on 9/10 mg alternate days.


Typing error sorry to count out not scout


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