This may sound a stupid question but reading the link about dementia and anti-coagulation treatment where it was said as I remember that a high dosage could also result in dementia. I'm not sure what a high dosage is!!

After 2 years on Warfarin where the results varied so much on each blood test (my blood tests have never been over a month and one or two weeks are the norm) I now appear to have settled at 3 to 3 and a half mg each day. Is this a high dosage, please?

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  • I don't think it was referring to dosage, I'm on 7.5mg/day. The article was referring to your INR.


  • I think the article was saying that if your INR is above range frequently you may have silent micro bleeds which can be a factor in dementia- your dosage doesn't come into it but yours is low anyway!!

  • The dose is not relevant. What matters is your INR. We all metabolise warfarin at different levels so dose can be anything from 2 to 18mg for the same INR. The papers suggested that there may be a problem if you were consistently above range and or were also taking aspirin or other antiplatelets


  • Hi where do I get hold of this paper


  • I am on 5.5mg daily and been on Warfarin since 1992. The dose is dependant on your original blood level and the amount needed to get it in range. Plus many other factors such as food and lifestyle. Not forgetting we are all so different!

    Be Well

  • Thank you all for your replies. I was confused about INR and dosage and am still not sure how they correlate my R is 2.6 so I gather that that's low. Thank you once again - it's good to have a forum where we can all help each other in a meaningful way.

  • I'm on 9 mg and 6 mg every other day. No signs of dimentia

  • Hi. I've been on swearing for 3 years now. 1-2 weeks has been the norm for me with the occasional sprinkling of 4 weeks. My dose ranges from 6mg-7mg. Up down, up down, up down. And its not cheap getting to the hospital plus parking. I hope this helps you dicipher your queries.

  • Sorry! "Swearing" should read "swearing".

  • Its done it again. Swearing should read war far in. I've tried. Auto correct is getting worst.

  • Thanks Folks!

    My spell checker is a pain sometimes too, Monsoon.

    Yes this constant checking is a burden, I agree. I go to my GP for the blood test but it's still 3 and half miles. I'm grateful for the facility though and the bloods department are excellent. In emergencies they even contact me by phone.

  • I am now worried as I am on 10 and my inr is all over the place so I had a filter fitted to stop clots getting 5 my lungs if you find anything out please let me know

  • As Bob said dose is irrelevant as everyone is different and lifestyle is different. My INR was all over the place and the suggestion was to cut out green vegetables and green salad things because my absorbency rate varied significantly. It appears to be working as I am having less of a swing. Seethe AFA Warfarin publications / fact sheets.

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