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flecinide or not

hello ive spoke to arriythma nurse as I have been have some etopics ,and can feel every heart beat feels like something in my throat ? they have left it my hands said flec will do me no harm it will supress things which is what id like , but also have app for 24 hr monitor on 8th jan , just to reassure im having etopics , iam currently taking 2.5 of bisoprolol in morning and 1.25 in eve which do help slightly . I have been on flec before my ablation and after but since coming off in august have been having etopics and a 2 min of realy fast heart the other week . realy don't know what to do , my ablation looked successful , also my blood pressure can be a bit low sometimes ,will flec cause heart rate to become slower I cant remember or does it just stop things from happening , I too 50mg twice a day before with 2.5 of bisoprolol . any advice please thanks

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add to above post I had ablation done in January


This sort of thing sounds quite normal to me after ablation and whilst ectopics are harmless I am told, if you can get on without then so much the better.



It's the Bisoprolol which slows the heart and the Flecainide which stops the abnormal rhythm ( if you're lucky ). Personally I would not countenance a 24 hr monitor - I recently refused a 48hr one. For me it's a 7 day monitor or nothing, and I want one that's switched on all the time not one of those that you have to trigger if you suspect you're fibrillating. The reason for all this is that you cannot know what your heart is doing whilst you are asleep. I sometimes wake with AF so I don't know when it started.


Try an R-test monitor, it is a loop monitor. It records for a pre set amount of time (like 30 seconds) and then drops the data if nothing happens. If you go into AF, then it records it whether you press the button or not. The button push aspect is so the doctor can tell if what you are feeling is something as banal (for them) as palpitations or if it is relative to an arrythmia, tachycardia...... or else. The R-test or loop monitor won't miss any arrythmias.


200mgs/day Flec reduced my heart rate from 60 to 56.


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