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Advice please

My husband has persistent af, it was discovered during post operative

checks prior to hip replacement about 5/6 years ago. About 2 years before

that he had double pulmonary embolism and took warfarin for a short

while before switching to rivaroxoban. After he was diagnosed with af

he was also given bisoporol. Before the embolism he was a keen runner

and cyclist but couldnt get into his stride again after his health issues

and so just cycles these days, Whenever he monitors his condition he

usually has af but not every time. My question is should he be having

a health check of some kind, yearly or something like that. He uses

an exercise machine every day for about 50 mimutes. He is 78 years old.

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I think an annual check up would be a good idea to see if anything is changing or getting worse but from what you say he sounds better than I am 8 years younger! Probably not for the same reasons though. I am sure that the bisoprolol is one reason why he can't do as well as he used to but he seems to be doing pretty well.



Thanks Bob he doesnt worry at all I just have a nag when I hear him peddling away, watches old films on the computer whilst hes doing

it. At the minute hes practising the ukelele, taking lessons from the

computer. Help, its probably me in need of the check up, mind you the dogs in there with him and he doesnt seem to mind. On a serious

note I have noted that some people have had cardioversions with

persistant af havent they, he has no symptoms at all. Maybe I got it wrong.


I understand that you need to have your kidney function tested annually if you are on one of the new anticoagulants. I had to have mine checked before I could start on Pradaxa.


Many people who have AF are asymptomatic and unaware of it till it is picked up in a routine examination for something else. Beancounter is one such who was told by a leading EP he was a lucky bugger. I suspect that once the body has been in stasis for some time then the brain ceases to notice things. It is sudden changes which cause the problem and anguish.



Ive never heard that mentioned Jenny and Ive been taking one for over a year.

Anyhow Im grateful for the comments and will mention it when I see my GP

next. Shirley.


From the commencement of my AF my GP put me on a 'healthy heart' annual check which consists of of BP, bloods & urine, height and weight, BMI and a chat with the specialist nurse. That was before I started taking any meds at all. I agree that NOACs need to be monitored for kidney/liver functions.


Quite amazing the difference in treatment handed out by GPs, thanks

CDreamer. I have commented on the lack of checkups at our surgery

including yearly checks once you reach a certain age which I understand

happens at some surgeries. My friend pointed out that a comment printed

on our prescriptions slip to the effect, yearly review due at such and such a

date, means you such contact them to have a check up we thought it

meant they would review your medication. Im totally confused its never

been mentioned before, even during visits to our GP which I admit isnt

often. Shirley.


I was also at my GP today and asked specifically if I should have any blood tests done as I have started on a NOAC. She said no but just continue to have my annual bp check unless there is something else I am worried about then no need to get monitored. Patricia.


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