INR in range so bring on the ablation!!!

BIG BIG thanks to all of you who offered advice, support, prayers and crossed everything for me last week. Had test and results today and it was 2.4. Really pleased as thought I'd truly messed up my chances for Thursdays ablation. I can't tell you how much it helped knowing people out there cared enough to respond. Bless you guys and see you on the other side!

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  • Fabulous news! All thoughts with you!

  • All the best for Thursday! Let us know how you get on. Sandra

  • Well done Iris an almost perfect level. I had the same problem before my ablation, in't it a nightmare?

    Hope all goes well tomorrow.

  • Good luck and don;t forget to rest plenty.

  • The best of luck today.


  • Thinking of you today.x

  • Good luck and hope it's a success.


  • All the best for tomorrow, will be thinking of you.

  • Hope all goes well. Take a long and slow recovery (said the woman sat in her dressing gown at lunchtime) - to be fair I started back at work this week and at home so turned computer on and then you know how it goes you carry on ..........



  • really pleased for you. best wishes for tomorrow, Kath

  • Hey Mommamia I know that feeling! hope it all goes well :-)

  • That's really good news! All the best for the big day. Hope it goes very smoothly.

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