Husband's Cardioversion worked

So, the Cardioversion worked. They shocked him twice and it worked on the second one, so he's back to normal. He fainted afterwards, but that may have been from lack of food, and he faints easily just thinking about anything medical let alone having anything done.

So, apart from his hair (what's left of it) standing on end and smoke coming out of his, not really........and feeling delicate, he's ok.

Thank you so much for all your help and support, it's been invaluable.

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  • So glad all is well for now.

  • I'm pleased to hear that it was successful.

  • very good news- hope it continues to go well

  • Very pleased for you both that it worked. Hope your husband's recovery is long-lasting.

  • Great news Mrs Dave|!!....make sure you spoil him over the weekend, and nothing too energetic (contradiction I know!!) Don't expect a rapid improvement, it took a few days for me. Whatever happens now, you both know that his heart can go back into rhythm.......

  • So pleased to hear this. Now plenty of TLC! Sandra

  • Thanks everyone. Out if four people, only two were successful. None of them had symptoms apart from breathlessness, and the two who were unsuccessful were carrying on as if nothing was wrong with them. I have to admit to wrapping him in cotton wool because he had a blood clot, but maybe the rest and being waited on actually did help.

    In the light of that I think perhaps we both need to modify our lifestyle and start having more fun and relaxation and less stress, if we can.

  • My mantra came out of both AF and cancer and is "live every day as if it were your last. One day you will be right!"

  • Thanks Jo.

  • I'm very glad to hear that the procedure worked. Well done and long may its effects last. And it's a good heart that can be reverted to NSR. I've had two that I can't remember - being out to it at the time. Left me with some nice singe marks I recall. You might even get the ECG strip showing the AF reverting to NSR upon the shock. A nice memento to add to the medical records.

  • So glad it worked. Hopefully this will help alleviate some anxiety and stress.

  • Divine news! Long live NSR!

    He's lucky to have your support too- not easy to watch and live with. Good idea- have more fun!!! Enjoy the calme after the storm!

  • Chuckling at the idea of smoke coming out of his ears! Done to a turn then :D I'm very glad the cardioversion worked.

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