Cardioversion didn't last two days


Hi , my husband had a cardioversion on Tuesday. (the first one he has had after being diagnosed with AF in April ) The cardiologist told him to reduce his beta blockers from 10mg to 5mg. It worked until this morning when his heart rate was back up to 109. And his b.p. was also elevated. After the initial excitement of it working, he is now really down about it failing. The nursing staff told him it only works for one in five patients. Wondering what is next as we don't see cardiologist or two weeks. Is there is any advice anyone has ? Thanks .(this is my first post)

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  • I've had 8 Cardioversions, and as I got to 6, 7, 8 the gap between episodes of fast AF got shorter, but in the beginning they worked for months..... the first one needed three shocks to convert back to Normal Sinus Rhythm the rest only needed one, but chemical cardioversion doesn't work for me and the only thing now that has given me "normality" beyond a few months is an ablation.

  • Thanks you for the info... might put my husbands mind at rest.


  • Ablation is the next step. Read up on it. It works for many of us. Most of us started with having had multiple CV's. It only gets worse with time not better.

    Some can control with pills, most don't in time. Good luck

  • Cheers will pass this on the Pete

  • I'm not medically trained Metalmich, but as I understand it, the fact that your husband went into NSR, albeit for a relatively short time, is a valuable indicator that other treatment options, such as ablation could have a good outcome. Naturally, you will both be disappointed, but all is not lost. Wait and see what your cardiologist says, but if you feel it's appropriate, ask to be referred to an EP (Electrophysiologist), a cardiologist who specialises in arrythmias because they are best qualified to help establish the best treatment plan for you.....good luck.....

  • Thank you flapjack, I will pass this info on to him. The cardiologist did mention ablation as next option when we first saw him even before cardioversion. Michelle

  • Cardioversion has never held more than 2 days for me. I consider it, even with folks with much better success rates, a very temp solution. The one time it held was when my Doc put me in the hospital for 4 days so he could start me on Tikosyn (Dofetilide), a drug that helps hold your rhythm. After they watched me on the drug for 4 days, they cardioverted me right before they discharged me. That time it did hold for a few months, until I had my ablation. My cardiologist wanted me in rhythm before my ablation. (That was new to me.) I do think that ablation maybe be the next step, depending on what his cardiologists says.

  • Thanks Amy. Think ablation is next step. Bette check with cardiologist

  • Hi metalmich,

    I had my first cardioversion in April i was diagnosed with AF last November. I stayed in normal sinus rhythm for a week and I have been in constant AF since, I am now waiting to see a cardiologist for a follow up consultation. The strangest thing for me is I felt worse in NSR then being in AF ? Apart from the breathlessness and accasional sleepless night I feel okay.

  • Good luck with next appointment. It seems we all have varying degrees of success. Thanks for reply michelle

  • Hi metalmich, your story sounds very familiar. You are in exactly the same situation as my husband and me this time last year. First CV lasted 24-36 hours but was hard to tell if he felt better in sinus rhythm as, during that time he was recovering from the procedure. The next step was to go for a second drug assisted CV. Amiadorone was prescribed and we were extremely apprehensive about the side effects which can be horrendous. He took the drug for some time prior to the 2nd CV and stayed on it for some time after. The amiadorone gave him no side effects at all thank goodness. The 2nd CV worked and it put him back to normal and he stayed there! There was talk of an ablation if his AF returned but the chances of this being a success are less than 50% so he is reluctant to go down that route. So far he is several months off the drug and his heart is behaving. The consultant suggested there was a possibility that hubby's heart might remodel itself, we're hoping this is the case. So this is a feel good story to tell your hubby to cheer him up.

  • Hi jayjb, thanks for your reply. My husband was put on Amiadorone before the cardioversion in the hope it would help it " hold " . But it didn't. Our G.P. Was concerned about the side effects of this drug, but the cardiologist wanted my husband to take. The reported side effects are awful, but he is ok so far. He is keeping a careful eye kept on him. The dose has been gradually reduced so he is now on 200mg a day. Still sounds a lot. Especially as he is now on beta blockers , apixaban and ramipril.. we see cardiologist next week think he will suggest we see an EP at another hospital. At the moment we are in the care of specialist doctors. Let's hope the next suggestion works. Hope your husband stays well too.


  • Thanks for good wishes Mich. Paul is also on Ramipril and apixaban as well as diltiazem. Shame that the amiadorone supported CV didn't work, that must have really been a blow. I keep expecting P's heart to revert but thankfully we're ok. Anyway he has to stay fit, who else is going to dig the veg patch!😊 Best of luck, I know how worrying it can be.

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