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Cardioversion and Warfarin Levels


My husband is planned to have his first cardioversion next Thursday. He has been in persistent AF for just over 3 months. His warfarin level needs to be between 2 and 4. His level at the moment is 2.4. Is there anything he should or should not eat to keep his warfarin from dropping below 2 then cardioversion couldnt be done.

Thanks in advance

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Don't change his diet as he is fine.

Hi wish him good luck !! I have my first Cardioversion on Monday !!

Each time I was told that my INR had to be over 3.0 for four weeks or they would not do it.

If you suddenly start eating lots of veg ag broccoli your inr levels will change. So steady as you go

I have been on warfarin for 5 years after a bout of AF, which was followed by occasional recurrences. I have never been recommended for cardioversion or ablation My INR aim is 2 to 3 and almost all the time I am within that range. I have an uneven pulse but not distracting except if I lie in bed on my left side. Make absolutely sure that any medication, prescribed or bought over the counter, will not interfere with your INR. I got caught out by a cream to relieve sun damaged skin. The consultant who prescribed that knew that I was on warfarin but not the effect of the cream through the skin. Fortunately the haematology lab questioned me closely when my INR went haywire! Otherwise, I have only had to be careful with antibiotics, which is well known. I think you have to really eat an awful lot of green vegetables every day to cause a problem. Be aware always, try not to worry, it takes a little getting used to but I am sure that your husband will be fine. I hope very much that the cardioversion does the trick.

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