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Hi, I was diagnosed with AF about 6 weeks ago had a 3 day stay in hospital and discharged with a pile of medication and told that I would probably be having cardiovision in a few weeks time. I have not heard nothing from the hospital and I am beginning to feel down about it, does anyone have any idea of how long before I should be hearing something?

Regards Ray

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  • Hi Ray - Whenever I've had a cardioversion I've been put under the care of an AF nurse beforehand and am monitored weekly or two weekly with ECG's. I usually have to wait about 6 weeks to have one. I take it you have been put on anticoagulant in preparation for your cardioversion?

    If I were you I would ring the secretary of the heart consultant you are under and ask what is happening.


  • Thanks Jean, they have been struggling to find the right dosage rate of anticoagulant for me ,this then would explain why there is a delay in the cardio version. Thanks again for the reply


  • Yes, they need your INR to be over 2.0 for 4 weeks before they will do a cardioversion.

    Let us know when you get your date.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Ray

    My husband was admitted to hospital on 18th October in A Fib. He was there for five days, sent home with a pile of medication, but was at least given a date for a pre-assessment four weeks later, and a date for a Cardioversion a week after that.

    We did feel very alone, though because they discovered he had a clot in his heart, but we had no contact with anyone for four weeks. We weren't even sure how to get more medication when the first lot ran out , as we've never had long term medication before. I had to ask here.

    So, yes. It seems that this is what happens. If they think you are in no immediate danger you are left alone. Thank goodness for forums like this.

  • Thanks for sharing that it is indeed helpful when you speak with people who understand you, I am new to Facebook and forums etc. But I will now use them with enthusiasm


  • Hi Ray, beware, not all forums & Facebook groups are as well informed, as friendly and supportive or as well moderated as this one!

    You found a rare Gem here!

  • I developed AF in Tenerife at the end of March,I was on I TU 4days where I had a Cardioversion on day 3 (after being started on all the drugs,it was a short IV shot into my arm it worked and I felt fine only worked for 48hrs after 5 days in general room,I was discharged with usual drugs and told to see a Cardiologist in Mission Impossible! In the end had a private consultants ,having another Cardioversion in 2weeks with short IV anaesthetic again,here's hoping!

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