An update from me

Well, after seeing the EP and being re-listed for an ablation..... I've spent most of November growing a moustache and going back to work part time admin whilst I wait.

On ringing the EP waiting list today it's looking likely I'll have it done before Christmas. Which is great news! That'll be about 6 weeks from being listed, a far cry from nearly 8 months I waited for "routine" last time.

Oh, and as a side note, my moustache is being grown to raise money for AF. I've spent all mouth with no usual goatee and a hairy top lip. It's been driving me nuts but I've raised over £60 for AFA.

Feel free to check out the link below:

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  • Well done....Looking at you pics reminds me of someone but I cant think who at the moment!

    Wishing you better luck next time with the Ablation and just give them a gentle reminder that there is no need for all that bruising and discomfort that you suffered last time....Just mention Liverpool Heart and Lung Hospital and there newly developed techniques...Best Wishes,Carol...

  • All the best for your ablation date and a successful outcome this time.

  • Good to hear from you, I've been following your progress and it worries me when people are quiet for a bit. Good news all round, hope you get a successful ablation by Christmas, which would be a present worth believing in Santa for :-)


  • Well, got a call today! Ablation 15th December!!

  • Hope you are all geared up, in range and ready to go, you deserve a break. Hope all goes well and you get the christmas present we all want - free of AF symptoms for 2015.

    Take care.


  • Thanks Jo! I'll update with my dramas next week !

  • Great news... keep us posted. -take good care post procedure!

  • Pre op was today, all set for the 15th. They will do a blood grouping on the morning of admission and an overnight stay. I've also spent this month wearing a moustache and raised £69 for AF Association!

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