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Bad fast heart beat started 10-30 PM last night.

I took my Flecanide,Ibersartan and diazepam plus two 1-5mgs bisoprolol even though I'm allergic too it. I was so scared this time as I felt dizzy and felt as though I would pass out. My reading was. 169/106 P 142. I've never had a diastolic reading so high. I lay awake until my pulse went down to 92 then took sleeping pills and went to sleep . This was about 2.40 AM. Feeling very groggy to day and in bed. I've to ring the doctor to day to see if he has heard about the ecg result. I just couldn't face going to a and e and be without my husband who is 87.

The Dr hasn't got the results yet. I've got an appointment for Tuesday next week.

Feeling pretty down, perhaps it's the effects of the Bisoprolol. We had a lovely weekend with my eldest son and his wife visiting. Hope you're all well, Terry

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So sorry you had such a dreadful night and I cannot say anything to make

things any better for you except to let you know how much I can sympathise

with the situation you found yourself in. Maybe you did a little too much

with having visitors, but lovely that you had such nice time. I would have

trouble taking so many drugs at the same time especially one you are

allergic to. Best wishes to you hope things are much better soon.


Thank you for your reply, just comforting to share with someone. You can understand the predicament. If my son had still have been there I might have gone to hospital. Still sweating a lot but pulse in the eightees. Hoping you are well. When I read of people on this forum exercising and going on vigorous walks I am amazed when I have anything going on with my heart I'm completely washed out.. Terry

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good to hear your pulse has calmed down- try to rest as much as possible and get the medication checked if this happens again! Take care


Thank you


, Do you mind me asking terjo, how old are you Im 77 and I do think the

older you are its bound to take its toll as we still have our day to day

things to take care of. You also have the care of an elderly husband

and if hes anything like mine he thinks he can manage but definately

needs help if Im out of action for long. Shirley.


Thanks Shirley. I'm 82 but my husbands far fitter than I am ! I'm feeling a little cooler now and hoping to be back to normal tomorrow, it's just that I don't like going to hospital especially when one of our children can't be here with us. Look after yourself and thank you again. Terry


Look after yourself and get that medication changed it could make

a big difference, have you seen an EP or have you not been offered

the chance. Ive just had an ablation, 2 weeks ago, and I feel so much

better apart from being breathless at times but its early days so Im

not worried. Im not sure if theres an age cut off point you could look

into that. I do think you should see an EP as their expertise could help

sort your problem out. Take care Shirley.


Got an appointment to see doctor this morning at11.50 as pulse was still 120 this am. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks for the advice. I did see an EPnnabout five years ago but told me to try cardioversion first which worked but now things have started playing up again. thanks Terry


Hope all goes well with your doctors appointment today. So pleased you have managed to see someone. Thinking of you.



Thinking of you Terry and waiting to hear what your doctor has to say.



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