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Breathless day after Afib

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Wondered if anyone can shed light on some breathlessness after Afib episode. I take Flecainide 200 Slow release X1 day in morning and 3.75 Bisoprolol.

Last evening about 21h30 I went into Afib and as instructed by my cardiologist I took 1. 25 Bisoprolol. All good - only lasted 15".

However during the night ( 1 a.m.)I went into Afib with a vengeance - very fast and irregular.Felt a bit lightheaded. Couldn't take PIP as my medication is long release over 24 hrs. Finally at 4 a m. I took the Flec and Bisoprolol (4hrs earlier than usual). Finally at 5h 30 I nodded off. When I awoke at 7 a.m. I was in NSR. However throughput all today if I make the slightest effort I become breathless. I am fit ( got a rowing machine at home - my son dumped it at my place). My question is: Is this because I took extra Bisoprolol? My heart does seem quite slow. But it is now 5 PM nearly 12 hours after I went back into NSR and was just wondering if any of you have experienced this. I have had PAfib on and off since 2012. Coincidentally I had an ultrasound last week and all good.

Thanks for reading!


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This all sounds quite normal after an AF event to be honest. I think most people need a day or two to recover.

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Lilypocket in reply to BobD

Thanks for replying Bob. I only wondered as it wasn't a very long episode - 5 or 6 hours.

Stay safe!


Really hope you are ok Lilypocket, i hate been woken in the night with this its just wipes you out the whole next day, hopefully you get a good night sleep tonight and feel brand new tomorrow.

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Lilypocket in reply to Padayn01

Thanks Payday! My episodes are usually afternoon or early evening. I usually feel ok after but today I felt like a 90 year old climbing the Eiffel Tower 😂


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Padayn01 in reply to Lilypocket

Ahhhhhhh brilliant that made me chuckle 😂

I always get breathless for a day or two after an AF episode. My BP is always low too, so I don’t need my BP medication the day after either. I do check it though to see when I need to restart it.

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Goldfish7 in reply to Mrsvemb

Thought I was the only one with breathlessness and very low BP after PAF attacks - great to hear its 'normal'. I now get it after long runs of ectopics and tachycardia.

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Lilypocket in reply to Mrsvemb

Hi thanks for the reply. I may just try taking half my dose of Bisoprolol after an episode thanks for the tip! X

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Mrsvemb in reply to Lilypocket

Do you have a BP monitor? I only suspend my tablets following a low BP and/or heart rate reading. I wouldn’t suggest that you reduce your meds without checking and also the approval of your doctor.

My cardiologist knows that I tweek my meds and he is ok with that. I have learnt to manage my BP and heart rate.

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Lilypocket in reply to Mrsvemb

No problem! I was suggesting that I might half my dose at breakfast and take the other half at lunch if my HR is slow and I feel wiped out. Of course I wouldn't dream of saying I did it because someone on the forum mentioned it. This is only the second time it has happened in the last year so I certainly would never do it otherwise. Also as I had an ultrasound last week where all was fine I knew it was the AFib and Bisoprolol that had knocked me sideways. I was just interested to know if anyone had experience of this too.😊👍

My experience: before cardioversion heart rate 110. After cardioversion heart rate 45-55. This is with taking 5 mg bisoprolol. I was worried when my heart rate went right down to 45-48 my consultant said: "That's where I like it". I now accept bisoprolol, low heart rate (bradycardia) as normal, and it doesn't affect my living.

I am only on a low dose of bisopralol but I still can get lots of arrthymias. I have decided to stop the medication for the time being and see if there is any difference

Speak to your doctor first. It could make things worse . Bisoprolol is a rate control drug not an arythmia control drug.

Take care x

My rate has been fine except on two isolated occasions 3 years apart. That’s why I don’t think a beta blocker is the solution and may even be causing arrhythmias

Possible as it is said a slow heart rate can trigger it mainly at night. But it is only what I have heard - maybe other members might know if there is any foundation in it.


I get it climbing a small hill and loads on Sunday when I did an 8 mile bike ride. All the nurse practitioner said was don't exercise?!!!

Has your cardiologist ever suggested an exercise test to see if there is anything else going on? I've had 2 which I was prescribed to see if the meds they wanted to put me on didn't provoke Afib or ectopics during exercise. X

The exercise test is precisely what I want- thanks for emphasising that. I am seeing the cardiologist on 10th June- delayed by lockdown!

Great! I think if exercise provokes Afib it might be worth having that test.

Take care x

This was VERY typical for me, it it doesn’t happen to everyone. It really wrecked me. Because it knew it was “normal,” i didn’t complain about it to the MDs. I wish I had because I don’t think they knew had disabling my afib had become.

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