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Thank you for the music

Lovely morning - hardly any pain & realised the song above is in my brain - So thank you all for - giving it to me !!!

A question - Can drinking too much water cause confusion ? Thx

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Have you just had ablation if so when, because I had one Monday

and after putting washing in gladly went back to lie down. Get up

and go definately gone. Long may your elated mood continue, or

do I need whatever tonic you are having.



Hi ShirlyGirly

If you have just had an ablation can I ask you if you had anything else wrong with you, like an enlarged left atrium or maybe some other illness. Because I have to see my consultant on Thursday and am really thinking that they need to do something about this for me and wondering what to discuss with him? He has already told me it would not be appropriate for me to have a pacemaker, so I have learnt about a catheter ablation, so I am going to speak with him about this, as my daily life just keeps reducing going down and down on a daily basis, I can't do anything. I have been in AF for about 6 weeks now again for the 3rd time and it is so debilitating to me, I look so well and normally I am doing things, but I cant, underneath though I am shattered, exhausted and out of breath.

Not very pleased when I went into hospital, especially with the Cardio Team because I went in for something else wrong surgically and actually had to be treated for 2 issues. The surgical team diagnosed Diverticulitis, sorted it and treated it, but this caused me to go into AF which they are not experts on cardio issues. They dealt with the Diverticulitis and I have no problems with this as I know what I have to do to try to keep it at bay. However, the Cardio Team put me on a telemetry, monitored me for 4-5 days when I was first admitted, I had 3 really bad episodes of AF whilst in there and I still did not see anyone, when the Telemetry was taken off about 5 days later, Cardio was constantly bleeped to see me, they knew I was in there but it just seems they ignored everything and everybody and my questions were never answered. I saw the ECG nurses on the 10th day and they said that he? wanted and ECG taking, I have no idea who he? is. A young doctor from Cardio then came to see me and wanted to discharge me (I had no doubt about this) and this was on the 10th day the first ever doctor from Cardio I had seen, after all those requests? I saw no others only from surgical, so was he a clinician, doctor, specialist etc, what? I am thoroughly discussed with them all from Cardio. I did not see a doctor from Cardio in 10 days and then he was the only one to visit and he tried to tell me the referral from that Ward (nurses) didn't arrive on his desk until yesterday morning? However, I was not about to put up with that because I told him he was lying, I told him to his face, he knew I was there and had been admitted because of the telemetry they did, so I told him not to lie and I have been here for 10 days, he then said sorry but we have been really busy, I pointed out was there any need to lie about it, he then hurried to discuss with me all my medication and what they were going to do, I was far from impressed by it all and asked him if he would remember to send me my appointment to be defibbed?, he said I would be sent one through the post, he would not forget? He then discharged me. WELL? hey presto guess what? My GP did not even have a discharge note/letter from the hospital or any instructions as to when they wanted my INR's done and no directions as to what they should do nor any advice on me-nothing? Also I rang the Consultants secretary and after speaking with her in the end, the actual consultant could not find anything on his computer either, no discharge letter or anything about me I was told? He then asked if he could see me, which will now be next Thursday.. I just felt like a piece of meat and nobody cared, they did not appear interested at all? Never in all my years have I ever been treated like that, it is a first and after what I have done to help research etc? I know they are busy but we are all human. Well lets see what happens, because I believe that, that Cardio Team wants a swift kick up the backside to get them moving, a short sharp telling off about their lack of support for their patients. People matter and People's lives matter. They can and could avoid any further issues, illness, complaints or money if they reacted differently to things or got a better system. I want my life back! I will get it back to! Sorry that's me done for a moan today. I really hope it all works for you.


Hi Dland, Well where to start, Im so sorry that you are in such a state and I can appreciate how you feel when nothing i.s being

done to help you, You must calm down getting upset and frantic

like that wont do your af any good at all, try 'rescue remedy' from

Boots thats your first thing. Secondly I believe ablations are only

done if the EP thinks its appropriate for you, I could be wrong there.

If you have an appointment lined up you will be able to put all

your problems to him and Im sure you will have your answers.

If having seen the consultant you are still not happy it will be your

choice to ask to see someone else.

My husband and I have both had wrong diagnosis in the past with

serious consequencences so I do understand how you feel.

In my opinion the NHS is not perfect how could it be, it does so

much and covers so much, it tries to be all things to all people

and thats not possible and these days more and more people,

but not going into politics. Lets face it if you need medical expertise

you are in the best country in the world and it wont cost you a

penny, with all its faults there are still plenty of people who would

do anything to be here and have that choice, lets thank our lucky


You ask about my problem well as far as I know my first ablation

was aborted because he could not access my left atrium through

the membrane which seperates them, so I had GA and camera

down to make this easier. Apart from that I had only the normal

af symptoms. I saw cardiologist about three times in three years

before being advised to see EP who gave me option of pacemaker

or ablation, I chose the latter. Its probably fair to say I found

beta blockers a problem as I couldnt take the prescribed dose

so maybe that hurried things along I dont know. I must say

that apart from feeling very tired Im fine my heart is behaving

perfectly. Once the sore throat and cough go Im hoping to be

back to my old self.

Do hope your problem will soon be sorted out when you see

the consultant, good luck and let us know how you go on.



No I haven't Shirlygirl - but whatever it was didn't last - Just wish I could have bottled it & given it away x ps - sorry for the delayed reply .....service horrendous tucked away down here.


You sound bright eyed and bushy tailed, Whatamug! So nice to be feeling good. A lovely day here too, even though November arrives tomorrow. I'd like to remove November and February from the calendar and double May and June.

I've not heard of too much water being a bad thing - unless you have eaten something first that might swell inside. I thought it was rather the opposite - not drinking enough water can definitely lead to problems.


Thanks Rellim. Well Nov 1st looks brill at the moment - so will just enjoy the birdsong. Ann


There was a case last year, reported in newspapers, about someone who drank a huge amount of water after a sporting event and died as a result.

Under normal circumstances taking in too much liquid must make you feel rotten.


Also drinking copious amount of water can deplete the body of potassium.Cx


Ah ha - so that's what it is - in the back of my mind I'd thought it was sodium. Perhaps it's lots of bits & peices - ! Thx


I vaguely remember that poor fit person. I think I remember at some point when my mum was in decline they asked me to limit her fluid intake but never told why as far as I can remember. Anyway thx for your reply.


I vaguely remember that poor fit person. I think I remember at some point when my mum was in decline they asked me to limit her fluid intake but never told why as far as I can remember. Anyway thx for your reply.


Now I have going round and round as well darn it. Shirlygirl do take it easy. Too soon to be doing washing! lol



You tell her !!!


Are you sure it's water you're drinking? ; ))

and...yes, you can drink too much water. Drinking too much can dangerously dilute your electrolytes. There are people who have died from drinking too much water.

How wonderful that you're feeling so good!


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Hi Pat - unfortunately yes. I'm what my friends call a lightweight !!! Just remembering back to the summer and I was going through a real aversion (is that a word) to the heat, was feeling dreadful etc but I've a feeling I was drinking copious amounts of water in my confused state. It would make sense. Thx


I'm glad you're having such a good day! Now I've got the song in my head too :) Yes, you can drink too much water, but it does take really quite a lot to do that... Usual amounts are fine. The case in the paper was a woman who kept drinking water to win a radio competition. Never a good idea...



Lol - I skipped from mine to Bobs. I used that energy to take a lovely walk on Dartmoor. Poor woman - the radio station should have been aware of the stupidity of the competition. Thx for your reply


It's good to hear that you're feeling so bright and chirpy. Yes, I've got that song in my head now too! It makes a change from the German one I'm trying to learn (can't even remember the first line). My choir are singing at the Eden Project on the Monday before Christmas - think I may have to mime that one!

I've not heard of too much water causing confusion, but who knows! Hmm perhaps my confusion is caused by too much water, yes I'm sure that could be it and having no memory isn't my fault.

Be happy.



Oh lovely - choir singing at Christmas, I envy you. It must bring Christmas together in a great way.

Lol - there's a picture in my mind of you opening and closing your mouth in time to a tune. You'd better ask the others as they may be having similar probs - imagine that on the night.

Take care


I also sing in a choir and am getting very good at miming, especially the ones sung in Welsh! Quite a few of the others are also miming! X



There was a recent post on another site of a male with AFib who said he became really confused due to drinking too much water. He gave the name of the condition that results in too low level of sodium, however, I don't remember the condition. He is now being treated for that as well as AFib.

Heather R


Many thanks Heather - Ill post & see if I can track him down. Ann



It was on stopafib.org



Thx again - just heading there now.


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