Went in for Ablation woke up with a pacemaker

I had my 2nd Ablation done 5 days ago but during the procedure there was complications and i had a pacemaker fitted.The day after the usual checks were down and during my pacer check it showed one of the leads had moved ,i then had to go back into the lab the next day to have the wire repositioned.The next day the chest xray showed i had a small but stable asymptomatic pnuemothorax.I came out of hospital last night and will need to go back for a chest xray next week.I have been left with this awful cough that makes me really gag.My thoat was very sore after the Ablation for days but now its this cough thats getting me down.

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  • Hi, Im so sorry you are suffering, what a surprise to find yourself with

    a pacemaker, still I expect they did what seemed appropriate at the time

    I expect you will find out what the problem was and maybe you will

    have an ablation at a later date. I had an ablation on Monday and it

    has been a success so far, but my throat is really sore and I have got

    a bad cough, which is productive at times and nearly feels as if Im choking.

    That along with the throat is making me feel not well at all so I feel quite

    sorry for myself, but I know I have been lucky it could be worse

    Hope you feel better soon and your other problems get sorted out..

    At least you are not suffering alone.


  • Oh dear, that sounds like what we in the motor trade call an "oh shit" moment for the EP, that point when you just know things are going pear-shaped. The pacemaker won't stop your AF but it will control the ventricle so you should be able to do more with a stable heart rate. Take it easy and try to relax and be positive as this will make a difference. Coughs are quite common following this sort of procedure, partly I think the intubation and partly due to what happens inside the heart and the way it affects the lungs. It will go eventually but take time. Don't be in too much of a rush to start dashing about. Three months is normal recovery time.


  • Oh dearbettegrace sorry to hear you had such a tough time but I'm sure they did the best thing. I had a bit of a cough after my ablation with a GA but not as bad as some on here! Take care :-)

  • Oh what a nuisance to say the least not what you were expecting but then they needed to do the best for you which they clearly did. Hope everything settles down for you soon.


  • I hope you feel better soon- if the cough gets too troublesome do mention it to the ablation team

  • Oh dear, you have my sympathy. If my ablation is not successful, long term, then I will have to have a pacemaker - but I am prepared, and you were not. I have met several people who are 100% dependent on pacemakers and they are up-and-running so there's hope for us all.

    As you may have picked up from other recent posts, a post - ablation cough is common. It is most unpleasant and it must be a strain on the heart. I got through enough boiled sweets to stock a shop. Glacier mints are good. It lasted 3 weeks before petering out.

    Best wishes for an event-free recovery.

  • Thankyou all for the replies.Both my ablations took 6-7hours but what with having the pacemaker fitted i keep forgetting i have just had a ablation.Hopefully this cough wont hang around to long and i can then get back to a normal life.

  • Thats normal after an Ablation... the cough will pass. Took about 6 weeks for me to lose the cough.

  • Well its 16 days since my ablation and pacemaker and the cough is finally getting better.My chest xray seemed better although now I have some fluid on my lung.I am still in abit of pain and finding it hard to not move my arm in fear of the leads moving again.I am feeling quite breathless at times but I can remember feeling that way for a while after my first ablation so I hope it passes soon.I also feel abit bloated my tummy and fingers seem a little swollen.

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