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Had 1st ablation on 22/10/2014, has anyone else experienced a very strong non productive cough after the procedure, so strong that on several occasions this has resulted in me struggling to catch my breath and almost on the point of collapse, unfortunately was not given any useful info on discharge as to what to expect whilst in the early stages of recovery 2 sleepless nights later phoned the the cardiac ward only to be told they couldn't discuss this over the phone and was told to make an appointment for G P or goto A & E, would realy like to know if anyone else has experienced this and any advice would be appreciated

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Sounds normal to me but it was 6 years ago I had my last ablation.


I had a tingle in my throat after my last ablation, not bad though. Thought they went down your throat with something (a camera???) so put it down to that.



Yes, that coughing describes exactly what I experienced for 3 weeks post-ablation this August. I coughed so much that I thought that it would cause AF and on 2 occasions I coughed so much that I thought that I was going to vomit. I kept thinking that it was not good for my heart. Sucking sweets similar to glacier mints is soothing. I think the coughing is caused by the tubes they use for the anaesthetic . They checked my teeth before they started to ensure that nothing was likely to be damaged so there is obviously a potential for injury.

The coughing ease off after about 3 weeks

Best wishes.


Yes me too - it was one of the unforseen niggles I had post-op that I hadn't been aware of pre-op. IT was damn annoying.


Thanks everyone for the comments, it's put my mind at ease knowing I am not the only one that has had these post op symptoms

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Wow, I have been wondering why I have a raspy voice and cough since procedure May 4, 2015. I know it has been awhile since you posted but I have had a headache and cough and doc is calling is bronchitis but I don't have a productive cough either and am have gone to walking 4 miles to barely get in from my car without extreme shortness of breath. What is the prognosis with this? Are you better now?


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