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I didn't know all that about CQ10, will have to see if I can afford it... What I can report is an apparent improvement from taking High Dosage Omega 3 fish oil - available from Boots in 1000 or even 1500 strengths. I have taken omega 3 for a long time, but find this new dosage better. My regular supplements are this, vit B complex, Vit D - v important for most & esp seniors - and Boots probiotics. Best wishes to all.

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  • I've stopped taking Fish Oil tablets, partly because I made a conscious decision to start having more oily fish, but also because I'd read some reports saying they might possibly do more harm than good (in men at least) - for example;-

    Of course, there is an awful lot of evidence out there saying that prostate cancer rates in Japan and amongst Eskimos is a lot lower than in the Western industrialised countries which tends to contradict stories like the one linked to above - maybe the truth is that eating sufficient quantities of oily fish is enough protection for most people without the need for supplements?

  • Yes, I do fish oil - Krill seemed to help. The others you take look good although I don't take them at present. I seem to have a long term burping issue randomly during the day and thought digestive enzymes may help as I am 61 and eat too quickly - however my Naturopath was not keen as he thought they may affect the Vagus nerve, which in turn could encourage PAF.

  • Boots market fish oils and OMEGA 3 FISH OILS separately. It is specifically their newer high dose of the latter which seems to have had a beneficial effect on my irregular heartbeat.

  • That's good news Hobble, I was advised the brand 'Krill Miracle' as I don't have a Gall Bladder - the Portuguese nicked it while on holiday there 7 years ago!

  • everyone is different but the PAF protocol that has worked for me include among other things L-taurine and the herb Hawthorne. The recommended dose of L-taurine for Afib is 10 g - waay beyond my budget but 3 gm has worked for me. Also the Hawthorne takes about 6 mos to heal the heart but now i have not only almost no fib events (just very very rarely and very short lived) but also no other irregular beats like PAC's and PVC's which i used to have so often. I do take a good amount of fish oil and also several other supplements. You'll just have to research & experiment. L-carnitine is another essential amino acid for heart health. All the best.

  • I hear magnesium is good. Does anyone take that? I know there's a liquid form out there, and I just discovered some chewable CoQ10 (got a free sample at the WI, woo hoo, delight only slightly tarnished by the fact one of the other ladies in the WI promptly confiscated half of them for herself!).


  • Hilarious! Sounds like a Victoria Wood sketch. Let's hope she is a reader on here and has been duly shamed!

  • Ooh I do hope not, if she is, I'm going to be hiding under the table...!

  • I take Omeprazole to protect the stomach from possible effects of anti-inlammatories. As there now seems to be evidence that Omeprazole can inhibit the absorbtion of magnesium, I take it as a supplement, but not all the time - e.g. 1month out of 3, or every other month (depends on finances!).

  • That sounds very interesting - thanks!

  • Vit D is certainly important and is thought to help to prevent dementia however too much can also poison so be careful not to overdose.

  • Thank you. I am 67yrs of age. Vitamin D is strongly encouraged by my surgery, and was approved again by my doctor at my recent medical review.

  • That's great, no doubt they will monitor you, I take it also but have been warned to keep the dose to no more than 1000 IU per day whereas there are a lot of capsules on the market with 4000IU recommending that dosage. When I checked with my consultant he said that was too high as taking too much will induce kidney stones, not something you would want. Just alerting people if they don't know.

    I started a thread on the subject a few weeks ago,


  • 25 years ago I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma and told that I was going to die as it had spread to my underarm glands. Total panic as I had 2 young sons aged 10 and 8. I'd never sunbathed, it was a rogue mole on the back of my upper arm.

    I was refered to a Cancer Help Clinic where I was told that I needed to take hefty doses of various vitamins and minerals to boost my immune system so that it would be able to cope with the cancer. They stressed the importance of zinc and selenium.

    Since then I have taken a top quality Vit/min tablet daily along with 1000mg Vit C ,and cod liver oil and garlic capsules. I was told to avoid smoked food, burnt food and anything with added chemicals as my body would have to deal with these things instead of dealing with the cancer cells.

    This is all good and sensible advice. I've never once missed the vitamins and minerals in over 25 years. I've been remarkably healthy since and at one stage hadn't been near a doctor for 12 years.

    Then atrial fibrillation struck---------------------------

  • Good that you had no chemo!

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