Exercise one months after heart ablation --

I am female and 41 yo. I had my ablation Jan 26th. I didn't realize that it would take so much out of me. I have started back working out but it seems my heart rate spikes easily. After a tough workout I will have mild tightness in my chest... is this to be expected? Sometimes I think I start wondering if I "messed something up" and then my anxiety gets the best of me making it worse! My doctor has told me it's ok to exercise and he encourages it.... anyone else still have "sensations" in chest after workouts one month after ablation?

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  • I think you need to take it a bit easier. It takes 6 months for your heart to fully heal. You need to build up the exercise slowly. You are right that anxiety can play a part. I find that mindfulness helps.

  • I think you ought to take things much more slowly. Your heart is telling you something. A tough workout in the 3 /4:weeks following an ablation ....I wouldn't have thought this was very wise.

  • Can I suggest you check on a recent post from JonathanC on much the same subject.....I wonder if some Doctors assume patients mean normal, modest exercise which is usually suggested after complex heart procedures, whereas some younger, more athletic patients mean some form of manic endurance exercise......at least Jonathan acknowledged the important difference and I'm sure you will too......best wishes and look after that heart....we only get one!!!

  • Good point!

  • Thanks FlapJack!!

  • Hi!

    I know it's early, but how has the ablation been working for you so far? I hope it will work wonders for you!

    We are the same age, and I have just been diagnosed. I will be seeing the cardiologist for the first time on Thursday.

    Did you have PAF?

    Best of luck:)

  • Hi! I started having what they call SVT's after my workouts. One lasted for about 3-4 days and that is when I finally went to the doctor. My EKG showed that I had an irregular heart beat or PVC's. So far so good on the ablation but it did take it's toll on me... I was much more tired and fatigued that I expected. I had pain in my chest and back the first 2 weeks...

  • I would say exercise not tough exercise. After my forth ablation by the same EP that did the 3rd last year he actually said for the first time to exercise. Really doubt since about a month from forth ablation and first time he ever said it he meant a tough workout.

  • I took 5 months for me to feel normal so I would say a nice walk daily !! but wait before doing very much. You have the rest of your life to exercise but let your heart heal.

  • Hi lallym,

    I think your last sentence puts this question of exercise right after ablation in the best perspective: "You have the rest of your life to exercise but let your heart heal." This one liner could be handed out in an info pamphlet to all post-ablation patients!


  • Agreed!!

  • Hello, did you say it took you 5 months to feel back to normal? For me it's been 3 weeks since my ablation and I still feel fatigued, still can't work full time. Was wondering if you had the same experience? Nurses is telling me it's not normal to feel this fatigued but then I read posts and some take longer to heal.

  • I really meant it took that long for all arrhythmias to stop. I wasn't fatigued but I was breathless if I walked much or did any physically demanding task. However I was retired so did not have to push myself.

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