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duration of A Fib events

Hi all,

I am still trying to figure out night time adrenalin rushes when waking from dreams.

These episodes are always regular and slow down to normal within 10 to 15 minutes. I thought that A-Fib events were not able to be predicted. Does anyone having A- Fib events always have them lasting a set amount of time? Thank you all again for listening.

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I think you nee to try and work out if the heart rate is regular or not as it could just be that, an adrenaline rush. AF is always an irregular beat so I think you need to work out if it is AF or not. From what you say I wonder?



My A-FIB episodes are slowly but surely progressing. However, I can more or less predict how long it will be until the next one. It used to be every 7 days, which fell on a weekend. My consultant assumed it was me being out on the lash, but that wasn't the case. Recently I have been having 4 days AF Free and 3 days in AF. I keep an AF diary and record all events and timings of each episode which are very consistent.


That is almost the same as I was when I decided to bite the bullet and see an E.P. With me it was 4 days in and 3 days out of A.F. keeping a diary is a good idea. I was able to tell the E.P. that I was in A.F. for 70% of the time. This helped him decide how to treat me.x


I see an EP next month and I have plenty to discuss. My latest episode is 4 days and running, which is the longest I have had on Flecainde. I've developed an overactive thyroid, which I hope once addressed may decrease my episodes, but I'll have to wait and see.




Yes I too now keep an AF diary. Though mine were coming ready for Monday morning - work obviously!!

Couldn't make the AF day yesterday :-( as in a slough of Bradycardia, can't wait for the ablation now, 12 days and counting.

I have had dreams that I was going to die on a bungee rope (and I've never been on a real one)!

Take care all.



I had similar and put it down to the AF condition, even though the heart was still in regular rhythm. I found a month ago cutting sugar by 75% reduced mood swings and gluten by 95% improved all that considerably….now when I wake up in the night no sweats and heart beat improved plus feel loads better during the day.

This may sound unconnected with AF until you consider that the vagus nerve connects up the stomach, heart and brain - I believe I am right in saying.

I should add I am Lone AF vagally influenced and episode free for 6 months on 200mgs Flecainide/day.


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