Sense of smell in a-fib

This is definitely my weirdest question on this forum....but I need to ask it.

I am pretty sure I have noticed this only since I have been in a-fib. To me it smells like I have bad body odour, quite regularly. But when i do an underarm sniff I can smell the deodorant.

Anyone else have weird smell sensations that they think started after a-fib?

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  • No but I found that when my family are ill their smell becomes different and often unpleasant. That's how I know Hubbie is not well, even when he denies feeling bad, as he always does.

  • I found that some of the drugs gave me a strange taste all the time and taste and smell are closely related so could be that.

  • I noticed I sometimes smelt 'ghost' smells and I was a bit worried but recently discovered it is part of migraine aura, I get the aura and nausea but not the headache, or only mildly. Sense of smell is very strange, my husband goes mad if I use polish spray etc but seems oblivious to BO and other nasty smells. Sorry probably not helpful but at least you know you are not alone 😀

  • jonathan _C I found that the drugs I am taking distort the sense of taste--not a great problem-- just strange

  • I found either the Flecainide or the supplements I take has altered the underarm smell. I agree I smell it and it has a sweeter tinge to it...still not good though!

  • I stopped taking flecainide last week. So far I think this BO thing has gone away!

  • FWIW, i stopped taking flec about 2 weeks ago and realise I haven't noticed the BO for a while.

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