Fast heart rate after ablation

So yesterday was at work it was kind of hot about 83degress in the buildig cause the ac wasn't working my heart was beating at 145 BPM I called the ambulance cause I didn't have a beta blocker on me and they wanted to give me adenosine I did not want it so they didn't give it to me && the doctor called my cardio doc and he said it wasn't a episode of svt ... So if it wasn't what was it?????? Idk how to feel about this any help?


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  • Hi lulu91, it could have been Sinus Tachycardia. EP thoughtvI had SVT and I had an an EP study in a June. They could not cause SVT during the procedure so decided that my problem was sinus tachycardia. It seems to be less serious than SVT but cannot be cured by ablation just beta blockers. Hope this helps. Take care.

  • My doctor at the er said sinus tachycardia I pray its not I don't want to deal with this anymore I just want to be my normal self this is why I had the ablation idk I have my appointment with my cardiologist today let's see what he says :( I really just want a normal heart my mind was so set on after ablation I'd be 100% cured

  • Hi Lulu, I had a very fast heart rate a day or two after my ablation, around 150 bpm. It was tachycardia and is very common after an ablation, though they don't tell you this! It subsided after about 24 hours to be replaced by AF which came and went and gradually got better. After about 2 months or so the AF went completely and is still gone 4.5 years later. My heart rate has been elevated (50 before ablation, 80 or so in the weeks afterwards, now down to about 65). So I wouldn't worry too much about it - all part of the healing process.


  • I sort of figured that but still I went to the er just in case I was terrified that it was happening I wasn't expecting it to ever happen again ... But I mean it was literally a month after ablation for svt (AF) idk what you call it lol but I see my cardiologist tomorrow so he'll probably say the same thing! Lol thank you !!

  • How are you holding up today? I know its three years later, last week i had my ep study and it didnt turn up a thing, been kind of depressed about it

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