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You've hit a milestone! 2000 of you now have joined the AF Association HU community

You've hit a milestone! 2000 of you now have joined the AF Association HU community

Congratulations for building a true Atrial Fibrillation health movement in HealthUnlocked! You've built the biggest Atrial Fibrillation community in the world.

Whenever you write a post, ask a question or reply to someone, you are touching the lives of other people with Atrial Fibrillation by spreading the benefit of shared, personal health experiences. And beyond that you have built a resource that will benefit people for years to come.

It's been wonderful to see the community thrive. Keep up the great, supportive network you started!

Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think about the achievement.

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Great news,I,m glad to be a part of this forum.Keep up the good work everyone.


Finding this site was one of the best things that happened to me. I can only speak for my self but the knowledge that others were out there to moan to or help worked wonders for me. Ones nearest and dearest can only be relieved of the worries . It's a great place. Thanks. Terjo


This is fantastic! Amazing community!


This forum and the main AFA site were such a great relief to me when I was first diagnosed and was frightened and worried by what was going on with my heart. It's marvellous to be able to share with people who understand the condition and its effects on our lives.

A wonderful community in every way!


Excellent work by all who help run the community.I think knowledge is power in the battle against af, and this helps enormously .


I think this community thrives due to the selfless input of its volunteers. They are the cement which holds us all together. Communities without such stalwarts are like the proverbial seed scattered on a rocky pathway - SCA and AA to name two that I would have hoped would flourish. Perhaps someone at AA could look into this and breathe some life into the afore mentioned ghost communities!!


This site and its predecessor on Yahoo were certainly my personal salvation. I can still remember those very dark days of November and December 2013 when I was diagnosed, going to more medical appointments in a month than I had previously had in my entire life, and convinced that I was going to die fairly imminently.

It was BobD (and others) once I found the Yahoo forum who finally managed to drill into my thick skull that I needed to get a grip of myself, stop wallowing and start living, and eventually I came round and learned so much from so many people.

That's also why I care so passionately about the advice given to people newly diagnosed, I remember EXACTLY how scared I was, how alone I felt, and how deep was that trough.

The old forum was quite difficult to use if I am honest, all posts were moderated (checked before they went live) and the threads very hard to follow, and if the moderation was delayed by even a few hours then the whole messages lost their sense of agenda completely.

This one is much better (even if we don't like everything) and 2000 members is one heck of an achievement for any forum, let alone an AF one, and yes I know there are forums with more members, but that takes nothing away from this one.

I think each and every member, deserves a round of applause for all they have done on this forum, it's not just the volunteers, but each and every person who offers support, or just their own story, each building bricks in the enveloping wall of comfort that this forum represents to so many.

Well done everyone, and long may it last



This site is great. It has meant so much to me to be able to get advice and support from others who understand. I have learnt a lot and help is there when I feel afraid and scared.


I am so pleased to be part of this forum and eternally grateful for the information support and help given by its members. Without it I would have been a total wreck. Hope my posts have been of some help too


Thank you, it's been a life saver :)


Information provided on this site has made a big difference in my life. Thank you all . Long may it last.


The best way i can describe this is the way i felt when I discovered the site by chance. It was like someone had suddenly turned on the lights.

Understanding my condition would have saved several trips to A&E alone, and certainly saved me a whole load of worry.

Well done.......keep up the good work.


All I can say is ditto to the above...........I always used to think that doctors knew everything. Then I was diagnosed with AF and realised that they don't. This site has been a God send. At last people who understand, are going through the same as me and really sound advice. Thank you xxxx


I am sooo pleased I found this site as there is no where like it. When first diagnosed I had so many questions and no one to ask so was delighted when I found you. It is very scary at first and no one understands how you feel except for on here. I log on every morning and know I am not alone. Thank you :)


This is a fantastic site it took me a while to find it but I can say it saved me I thought I was going to die at any moment I got very depressed and anxious but the people here are so helpful and friendly and we all share the same thing af thank you everyone one but must say a special thanks to bob and ian always have wise words karen


I cannot emphasise too much how very much I appreciate the help and

advice received on this site, its like discussing your problems with friehds

and I am so grateful. I remember having trouble connecting a few months

ago, I was bereft and I certainly would not want that again. I having been looking

for advice on an entirely unconnected medical problem and Im having

no luck at all, I feel as if Im the only person in the world that has this.

It makes such a difference to talk to someone who understands.

My ablation tomorrow and Im feeling a bit scared but so many of you have

been there and done that I know that Ill be ok

PS with the help Rescue Remedy.

Many thanks Shirleyxx



I can only echo all the other posts, this forum has kept me going when there was no other information or support to find anywhere else apart from the AFA website. So pleased to hear there are so many members now.


Many thanks to all those volunteers who help us and give support when we most need it.

I am very happy to be part of such a caring group



Whoop! Whoop!


This forum is full of wonderful people, and a very important source of help and comfort...


Although I do not often post on this Forum I am an avid daily reader and the comfort and reassurance to be found is fantastic .I send grateful thanks to the staff of the A.A.assc. along with the Volunteers whose guidance and wisdom is very much appreciated .In my opinion it is a forum which provides an excellent service for we "A.F.errs" who are often in need of advice in stressful situations and long may the good work continue.

Best wishes to all fellow participants!

Willhall. (Hazel)

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My first port of call every morning. Thanks to the staff, BobD , Ian and all of you. An amazing group of people.



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