Golly gee that was a waste of time or words to that effect

Just got back in from cardiologist appointment. Saw an underling who declared my Af was rather troublesome ( you don't say) she ummed and ahhed, had not read my notes from the echo to see that they had advised that my drugs be changed. The slozem has not worked so I have been put on diogoxin and ramipril. She feels I need to be referred to an EP ( you don't say) I informed her that I insisted that my gp did this , and thankfully he has. She is going to write to EP and thinks ablation may be the answer. My ef is 30% and she does not see this as a problem! feels they need to get heart rate down first. She is going to get a 24 hour holster organised , this may take 6 weeks so suggested I take my pulse every day. I can't take certain tablets because of my asthma but she feels these may work. Would you risk them if you had underlying asthma but have not had an asthma attack for 12 years?

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  • I have come across this asthma issue, in japan I was prescribed a small dose of singulair which counteracts and bronchial asthma caused by the drugs.

  • could I ask you what singular is ?

  • Aha! I take montelukast last thing at night. Maybe I should ask to give these beta blockers a try x

  • keeping HR down usually means less A and E visits thats what they like

  • Hi Jollies,

    Re your comment on "seeing the underling", - I always found it rather annoying seeing a different junior cardio everytime I went to my cardio appointments and felt that there was no continuity of treatment since they all had different things they wanted to try. I mentioned this to one of the cardio's during a time when I was admitted to another of our local hospitals. She had worked under my usual cardio and said that if I wanted to see the senior cardio then I just had to ask at each visit since I had that freedom of choice under NHS rules. After that I always asked to see the senior cardio and just told them I didn't mind waiting to see him and always did see him thereafter.

    Although, from reading the posts here on Health Unlocked, it appears that a lot of the "NHS Trusts" in the rest of the United Kingdom,(I can still say that after yesterday), do not follow a lot of the NHS guidelines.

    Hope you get things sorted out, SOON


  • Oh I am definately going to give this a go, thank you x

  • Hi

    Also have Asthma don't really have "attacks" just permanent wheeze,cough and shortness of breath. It's an ideal (not) companion for my permanent AF.

    They initially prescribed beta blockers - felt awful and Asthma became worse, nebivolol was perhaps the one causing least trouble.

    Now on Ramipril and Slozem which seem to maintain AF at reasonable level and not really worsen asthma

    Can't confirm if cough is asthma or drug related.

    Keep your head up


  • Thank you Eddie. I wonder how bad my asthma is as they mistakenly misdiagnosed my af, for 9 months thinking it was an asthma attack x

  • I did same when the AF returned last spring

    Thought it was pollen making chest worse. ......

    For some reason I took my pulse and the strange beat was back :(

  • I did same when the AF returned last spring

    Thought it was pollen making chest worse. ......

    For some reason I took my pulse and the strange beat was back :(

  • Hi, I also have asthma , mainly controlled by inhalers and I was already on a beta blocker long term for my other cardiac problems. I was taking Atenolol and was told 14 years ago after my last heart attack that i had been taking them too long and that it had caused the asthma to develop? The then found i couldn't tolerate any other drugs so I stayed on them for the last 14 years at the lowest dose and it has been ok until this year I developed breathing problems and cutting the lengthy story down I have now been put on Bisoprolol instead as this doesn't affect your lungs and breathing like the other beta blockers. I have been taking them for a few weeks now and I feel better all round already !. I went back after the first two weeks and the doctor just adjusted my dosage down to the lowest as i felt it had made very lethargic and now i feel ok. He checked my heart and AF since I have been on it and up to now fingers crossed I am ok. Ill keep posting to let anyone know how it goes. By the way i have also been on Digoxin for 5 years for my AF and never had a problem. I understood that ramipril is primarily used for high blood pressure so ask why you are on that as well and do you need anything else like a beta blocker?

  • I have no idea why I am on the ramipril. Have to say that I have never ever had a problem with high blood pressure. Will monitor it for a while x

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