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Thanks for rapid responses

I am not sure whether the previous post was actually sent so here goes again. I was amazed at the number of rapid responses I received and I would like to thank you all.Not sure which drug Bob said he was prescribed and has it been successful . I think I need to try the change of drug route before undergoing angiogram and possible 2nd ablation. The last angiogram I had was through the arm and a blood vessel was punctured which caused bad swelling and bruising. The previous three had been ok. I would just like to get off Bisoprolol and increase my heart rate. A rhythm control drug rather than a beta blocker which was originally prescribed for SVT five years ago. Am I doing the right thing? Who knows Results of an echocardiogram showed diastolic dysfunction with pseudonormalisation of left ventricular filling (what on earth does that mean.) He seems to be against a pharmalogical solution, but pacing to a high atrial rate to suppress ectopics while INCREASING bisoprolol dose!! On good days I am inclined to think, live with it. Many thanks to you all once again. I cant talk to anyone else. Cheers

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Bob was prescribed Propafenone which was successful.


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