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Af. Rapid pulse at rest

Hi Suzieblue here, keep waking up and pulse 103 + bpm is this normal! in AF. My pulse does go higher, but I am worried as it's waking me and I don't seem able to slow it down.Recently feeling exhausted doing little jobs round house or garden, yesterday bent down to pull some weeds and my heart went mad banging like the clappers.I wish the hospital would send my Appointment so I could get back to work and normal home life.

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Susieblue, 103 is quite low for AF so may well be another arrhythmia. Is it irregular when you take it or just fast? Many people have rates in the high 100-200s whist in AF and "normal" heart rate is considered to be 60 to 100.

I think you also need to accept that for now at least, this is you and best to accept that AF is in your life and find ways to live as normal a life as possible. Many people do you know. The hospital appointment will not suddenly return you to pre AF condition and any drug regime will necessarily have side effects. Ablation may well stop the symptoms of AF but carries baggage as well.

One thing you can try which helps many people is to relax and start to breath very deeply and slowly-- down to six breaths a minute for at least five minutes. If the heart rate is just high then try holding your breath and bearing down as this often stops it.


Yes I have tried the deep breathing , and I try to ignore my heart when it's racing, but when I can hear it in my ears and feel my heart trembling it is hard.

Re: ablalation what baggage do you mean? I'd like to be forwarded before they do it.


Well there is no real cure for AF as we know. ANY treatment is about improving quality of life alone. Ablation may stop the symptoms and like many of us you may be free of those for some years but likely still have some issues such as ectopics and occasional runs of tachycardia as I do. The science is still relatively new you see, the first ablations being not much more than 20,years ago and there is as yet little long term data. My last was in 2008 and worth every moment but I accept that I have AF and it may return one day just as my cancer may. AF makes us all very aware of our hearts and that never goes again.

Many specialists still believe that ablation does not remove the stroke risk so I for one never intend to stop my warfarin even though I take no other drugs for AF. It is my insurance policy and if and when I get a cluster of ectopics that is one less thing to worry about. So you see, a fair bit of baggage. One is NEVER the same after AF .

Positive thought it the most valuable weapon but a hard one to find I know.


Thanks Bob,hoping you are staying well.Being positive has always been hard for me.


Suzie, another thing to try is a hefty dose of magnesium. I used to wake in the night with a regular heart rate in the 120's. This hasn't happened in the past 4 years since taking daily magnesium citrate ~800mg.

I have also occasionally had the odd short spell of tachycardia(fast heart rate) which I was frightened would turn into AF, but it quickly abated after drinking dissolved powdered magnesium citrate in warm water.

It's really worth a try.


N.b. Just read that you can hear your heart in your ears. Magnesium got rid of that for me too


thanks I'll try that Bob D Annlynne


Hi Suzie - Are you taking your pulse in bed as soon as you wake up (without having moved around too much)? Also what medication are you on? Bending is a known trigger to set your heart off racing. Your medication may need tweaking slightly. I would have a chat with your GP tomorrow.

Wishing you well.


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I just put pulseox meter on which is next to bed i haven't moved my heart racing wakes me.i take Losartan, Bisprolol name a few


Pulse oximeter is often of little use for pulse when someone tells in AF (it could be sat up to 50% out). My sleep apnoea consultant said it can also be inaccurate for SpO2 level when in AF. I was surprised when she said that but saw her logic.


Might be worth considering any triggers in the meantime. Alcohol, eating late and/or too much, too much sugar, stress etc.

Just a thought!

Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight.


Have you been tested for sleep apnea? It often goes hand in hand with AF .

I know that I used to wake up with my heart racing before I was diagnosed with first AF, and then SA when my EP referred me for a sleep investigation.

Still happens now on occasion, but the cpap treatment keeps it to a minimum


Mikee69 I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea 6years ago before I got Af.Don't remember it happening before 2 years ago,when this started.


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