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Thank you

I would like to thank every one who sent me good wishes for the AV node ablation yesterday. All went well and It only took 30 minutes. I had a restless night but I think that was due to overactive imagination wondering if I would have scary symptoms which I didn't. EP said that it was a successful ablation and reduced Bisoprolol from 5mg to 2.5mg. Apart from feeling jittery which I am sure is due to anxiety everything seems fine. Just wondering what the reaction will be if/when AF tries it's luck again although I will have a regular pulse. See EP in 2 to 3 weeks. Will post any news.

Thank You so much once again to all the kind and caring people who have boosted my morale and kept me strong. 😇 💐

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very good to hear all went well- do let us know how you get on!

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Great news, sunigirl - thank you for the update.

Best wishes

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Glad all went well, take it easy.



excellent news - great to hear of things going well for folk.

stay strong .


Hi Constabule. I'm not used to things going well so it's like walking on tippy toes at the moment in case I wake the monster. 😀 thanks for taking time.


So pleased to hear you are feeling well. I cannot decide if to try another ablation or go for AV None.

Will follow your progress with interest

Take care


Hi Jenny2k

It is a scary decision to make. I will keep you informed. I get my A fib episodes once a week lasting 18 hours plus, so I am wondering what symptoms (if any) I will feel post AV node. 😯



I presume you already have your pacemaker.

I had a node ablation several years ago. If you go into af and you probably will because this ablation just stops the symptoms not the af.

I find I'm less aware of the af, although still in it cos the pacing clinic says so. Lol

Hope this helps


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Hi Eileenp

Yes I've had a pacemaker since 2011. 4 days after AV node ablation I started A.Fib episode and I could feel it just like before, thundering away but regular

70 ish pulse. EP said that it will gradually improve as I get fitter and although A.fib still there I won't notice as much. It's an ongoing process.

Waiting for an appointment , will be first since ablation. Did you find it took time? I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks

Susan 😉


Hi Eileenp. It's now two weeks since A V node ablation. Yes I can still feel AF episodes . Today however my pulse has been missing beats and has dropped to below the set minimum of 60bpm. (53). My chest feel uncomfortable so perhaps it is AF. Is this normal ? And does it take time for the heart to adjust after the ablation?

I would appreciate any help. Thank

You. Susan.


I wear one to show I have CHF AF LQTS and have an adverse reaction to Amiodorone and all other drugs on LQTS list and also that I take Apixaban


Oops reply went in wrong place


Hi sunigirl can you tell me what is a av node ablation karen


Hi Karen. An AV node is the hearts natural pacemaker which transmits electrical impulses from the Atrium to the Ventricle.

The ablation of the AV node prevents these signals getting through and the heart is reliant on a pacemaker implant. There is no reversal of this procedure. The heart will still beat but the pacemaker enables you to function normally. I hope I have explained properly. I had a pacemaker in 2011 but only had AV node ablated last week. It only takes 30 to 45 minutes. This procedure doesn't stop the A Fib but it keeps the pulse regular. I had first episode post ablation and could still feel it in my chest but had a regular steady pulse of about 80 beats per minute. If you want to ask me more please do and you will probably hear from others too. Best Wishes Susan 😊


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