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Ablation ?

Hi all well went to LGI for ablation today and unfortunately they

could not do it as there was no bed available. As you can imagine

I was devasted but whats the point, I felt like crying but far more

seriously ill people than me have been in the same position. It sounds like my previous post, do think someone was reading it. Anyhow they

have given me a firm date of 26th September so not too bad and

they were very apologetic and no point in shooting the messenger.

Whilst I was at pre-assessment I was approached by a doctor to see

if I would take part in a trial. He gave me some papers to read and

explained that they were wanting volunteers who would be willing

to take part and he would only be involved taking blood from the chambers

of the heart during the ablation, that is his only involvment in the

ablation, 4 tablespoons approximately. There were health questions

and the purpose is to try and ascertain who would be the patients

who would likely benefit from an ablation. I thought about it and read

the blurb and although my husband wasnt sure about the blood

taking, I thought that nothing would ever been gained if people dont

take part. After this mornings disappointment I was sat at home

feeling sorry for myself when this doctor phoned and was apologetic

about the situation but said that he really wanted me to have a MRI

scan but couldnt fit it on Friday but in the circumstances I could have

one now and if I was willing he would arrange it. Well again my husband

wasnt keen and he had a word with doctor but I made up my mind

for the previous mentioned reasons and said I would do it. My husband

was a medical electronics engineer and sometimes I think hes seen

too much. The real down side for me is I have to go for another pre

assessment, the last time no TOE required but am I going to be so

lucky again.

Reading back not sure Ive explained it very well, would appreciate

your comments.

Shirley xx

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Hi Shirley- it might be a blessing in disguise if it now gives you time to have an MRI done first- they can see fibrosis of the heart tissue with that and if you look up Utah's research on this you will see if it a valuable part of the information- think it's good that you are helping everyone so much!!


Shirley, I am absolutely gutted for you. Getting yourself so prepared for the ablation and now this! You may have read that due to an emergency I had a last minute change of EP and it turned out to be so lucky. Cryo ablation would not have worked for me.

Have all the tests you can so long as they don't hurt. I'm sure that you'll avoid the TOE again.


Hi Shirley -- so sorry for you. Are you having a GA ? Do you think that perhaps the TOE will be done when you are ' under ' or have you defini tely been told that you are not having one? My 3rd ablation was under GA & so I knew nothing about the TOE



Hi yatsura, I think I didnt need Toe on Friday because I was not in

af, thats my understanding. But who knows what I will be like next

time, since Friday Ive felt awful , af and all sorts going on no energy

good job the housework was all done in anticipation of my absence.

I have only seen my EP once and there has been no mention of any

kind of anesthetic for anything, I was told he would h. ave a word but

not seen him again so far. I really know very little about what goes

on and some of the stuff mentioned on here I dont understand but

Im picking things up as I go along. Im the sort of person who thinks

if I dont think about it wont happen, keep putting my head in the

sand. My husband has had persistent af for a few years and when

I started with Paf I couldnt believe it, but the difference is quite

pronounced, he has no idea he has it and would not have known

if he hadnt gone into hospital for hip replacement. He had double

pulmonary embolism a couple of years beforehand and I read

somewhere that could be the cause. Well just got my new date

definately 26th September so all these things happen for a reason

and you just have to go with the flow

Thanks for your interest.x


Oh Shirley so sorry for you its bad enough to have to undergo a procedure without a cancellation to boot. You get all geared up and then let down. As you say if we needed emergency treatment then we would want it there and then and would most likely mean someone else would be bumped down the list.

Never heard of the trial you mention but as you say without people taking part nothing will progress with treatments. I understand your husbands reticence though as we are all concerned for our loved ones.

Tests are a pain but better to have all those suggested where possible to ensure your EP has everything they need to gain the best information and outcome.

Take care and if you feel up to it ask your husband to take you out for a nice meal or whatever gives you a treat you deserve it.


Hi Meadfoot, Thanks for your reply, dont really like the idea of

all the tests and things but I think if you could get in and get it

over with but its all the waiting about although I realise they

are dealing with lots of people. But on Friday at pre-assessment

we were there nearly 5 hours and the ECG was done immediately.

I had bloods, paperwork and swabs in the last 30 mins of that.

Sorry for moan.


Hi Shirley, I'm so sorry you had your procedure postponed. Having all the anguish running up to the procedure and then having the rug pulled from under you must be so frustrating.

I too have been referred to LGI for an ablation. My Cardiologist referred me a month a go and other than having a letter to have an Ambulatory monitor fitted (Which happened this morning), I haven't heard anything back. How long did it take you to get an appointment with the EP after referral? Or did you see an EP first?

Also, if you don't mind would you let us know how you get on with both your procedure and your trial


Hi Jason, prior to going to LGI I was seeing Dr.Durham at York hospital.

I have only had af 3 years but progressed very quickly from once now

and again to every week and even more frequently with gaps now and

again. I think I was referred to LGI around Christmas because I ended

up in A And E and prior to that I passed out. I got my first appointment about March and saw EP side quick not being desrespectful but dont know his status had ECG and told I would be having monitor which I had for a week. I got appointment with EP

in May to discuss options. I was given choice pace and ablate or

try ablation, which I went for. He said waiting list was about three months which was spot on, EP name is mr.Graham, very easy

to talk to.

I will let you know how I get on. Sister said the reason for the

cancellation was that a ward had been closed due to staff shortages.



Thank you very much for the update Shirley. I'm very similar to you in I have had AF 2 years and I get episodes every week. I had a monitor fitted today which I wear for a week.

I hope everything goes well for you and hope you manage to get a good few years AF free.

Thanks again,



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