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Hi, Just done all this once, dont know where its gone not quite with it

at the moment. Went for ablation yesterday, was going as expected

then was suddenly aborted, My EP was very apologetic but explained

that he was unable to successfully get into the left atrium to his satisfaction.

We had been going for two hours so I was suprised but he said in the

circumstances he thought the best thing to do was stop and re-arrange

another date in about six weeks. He wants me to have general anaesthtic

and camera down so he can have a good look. Of course I was upset but

theres really no point in moaning, better safe than sorry so nothing more

to be said. I have to leave time for my heart to recover, at the moment

its complaining but he said that would that would happen. So fingers

crossed it will be 3rd time lucky. Shirley

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Sounds very sensible to me, you appear to be in safe hands, as you'd expect I suppose. Hope it goes well, my ablation was a big success.



Hi Shirley, Better a wait than a serious problem. It sounds like your EP decided the right thing and I'm sure things will go better next time. I do feel for you as we all put so much score on things going right. Courage ma brave.



Yes, disappointing, very. But softly, softly - and you will get there in the end. Just take it easy. The time will soon pass. You already seem to have a good point of view. But don't we all build up high hopes.


Must have been disappointing although you are right it was for the best

Hope you feel well soon and things go well next time


Oh Shirley - How disappointing for you, but as others have said it's better to be safe that sorry. Your EP will certainly know what is best for you. Hope you soon pick up and that your next procedure will make you fighting fit.

Best wishes



So sorry that you had this happen, of course you must be upset and at the same time it does sound as though it was the safest thing to do. Rest, recover and hope that the next time it will be resolved,

Very best wishes


Shirley, I feel gutted for you! All that preparation and build-up, again! I promise you that it will all prove worthwhile in the end. Meantime you must rest and build up your strength because, in my experience, it's the anaesthetic that will give you months of tiredness.


Thanks everyone for kind comments, feel really lazy today so Im being

spoilt waiting for my heart to calm down but its taking its time, how

long does it usually take, my husband will not be happy with jam and

bread for dinner lol.Shirley


Tell your husband at least two weeks and he had to provide dinner!


Definitely go for a GA, my first ablation was long and rather painful - the other two I knew nothing about!


O Shirley I an so sorry to read this, sending you a big HUG. But next time I am sure it will be fine, let us know. Sorry your heart is playing up at the mo, and hope it will calm down soon.


I am sure he did the right thing good luck in the future.


Good luck for the next one Shirley, take heart, it'll be here and over before you know it.

Best regards X


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