Well I do hope folks are not fed up of the subject but Jeanjeanie, got to blame

somebody thought this might create interest. Im due for ablation on 27th

Oct., and after reading loads of the experiences, a lot of them do not make

reassuring reading for anyone in my position. Having thought long and hard

I think my chances of a successsful outcome are pretty good. I went in

for ablation in sept it was stopped after 2hours. My ep came to see me later

and explained that he was not happy with the position of the catheter and

made the decision to stop. He was most apologetic and said he would like

me to go again and have a GA and camera down to ensure a more successful outcome. Prior to this I agreed to join a trial and as a part of this I had a

MRI, Everyone has been very honest about their experiences and I hope

they will continue to do so. I probably should say now that I intend to

go ahead with the ablation after much consideration, I think I will not have

a better chance. Shirley.

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  • I hope it will go better for you this time, Shirley, and that you'll be pleased with the result. It is a leap in the dark and we make it in the hope of improvement with the knowledge that it may go wrong. I was told I had about a 70% chance of success and I felt that gave me the incentive to go ahead. I think I would still have opted for it if the odds had been less favourable. My ablation has not been totally successful, as I've had a little bit of AF but I am substantially better off and have no regrets, although the long term effects remain to be seen. As things stand, if a third ablation was deemed prudent, I'd go ahead even though I am aware that it can go very wrong.

  • Bravo you. Good luck ,not that you will need it. Just be sure to take plenty of time to recover and don't forget that you will have some funny spells for a month or two. It isn't an instant fix. I went in with that idea and was very upset when it didn't happen but time does help.

    It is a good idea to take a sports drinks bottle with you and arrange your things close by as you will not be allowed to sit up for some time and drinking through straw whilst laying down isn't easy.

    Stay well.


  • Hi Shirley

    I hope all goes well for you. I was fair set for my ablation on 18th October but got a call today and it is put back until 8th November. Just more time to think though my decision is made.


  • Happyjo, this is the second time Ive sent this, sorry about your

    cancellation that happened to me 1st time got right to the ward

    waited 30 mins and then told no beds. Its not the preparation you

    do at home its the mental preparation its awful and I feel for you.

    Luckily you have your new date so onwards and upwards, I know

    its no good saying put it out of your mind its all I dreamt about

    but try and keep occupied. Shirley.

  • Best wishes for a successful outcome. It is a choice and I agree we need to know the pros and the cons in order to make the best decision for ourselves. I needed 2 Ablations, 5 months down the line I haven't had an epsode since the 2nd in March.

    We do out our trust in our EPs, I felt very comfortable that mine had the skill and experience to pull me through and he did.

  • Good luck Shirley. I will listen to my EP and go with his decision. I'm not very symptomatic and my worry is the chance of making things worse. I wouldn't give it a second thought if I was in the same situation and some other poor souls. As Jean said she hasn't had a great experience, but so many people have had success. Good luck once again.


  • Jason i am also asymptomatic but my EP told me to go earlier rather then later ro improve my chances later on. I lay here in hospital as we speak as a newly ablated person i will pist later. Dont hesitate.

  • I hope everything went ok Soozie and here's to it working first time.

  • Hi soozie, for some reason I have to post twice, your post made

    me smile, as a newly ablated person I would think p... is

    what you would want to be. Hope yours is a resounding success.

    Thanks Shirley.

  • Hi soozie12.

    Although in persistent/permanent AF I'm asymptomatic too but I've been given the opposite advice. Doesn't exactly fill me with confidence in "the system". I have basically been told to let sleeping dogs lie as it were. I look forward to your future posts and wish you the very best in your recovery.

  • Hi Shirley I am laying here in hospital flat on my back 4 hours post ablation. I had the camera down the throat along with several other monitors. I am tired do not have any pain except for a sore throat. Go for it

  • Hi Shirley I am laying here in hospital flat on my back 4 hours post ablation. I had the camera down the throat along with several other monitors. I am tired do not have any pain except for a sore throat. Go for it

  • Soozie! You are doing so well so soon after the anaesthetic. I attempted to text my 2 sons and all I could write was "OK" but at least they knew that I was still in the land of the living!

    I had no pain either but I did have an awful cough for 3 weeks. Coughing cannot be good for your heart! I got through enough lozenges to stock a chemist's shop.

    You will need to pace yourself over the next few months as the bouts of fatigue are overwhelming.

    Very best wishes.

  • Glad your participating in a trial Shirley and may the force be with you with your decision. Good luck!

  • I hope all goes very well for you Shirley- Good luck and take care

    best wishes,


  • Good luck Shirley. My ablation was a great success and kept me clear of AF and drugs for many years.



  • Best wishes Shirley - I hope it all goes well.


  • Keep us posted. All will be well!

  • Thanks so much everyone I feel as if Im making a bit of a habit of

    this, if it falls flat again I wont dare say anything, god forbid. Well

    thought to myself today good job I didnt put my holdall too far

    away, hope to goodness it finds itself back in the loft after this.

    Thanks once again for all the good wishes they are much appreciated.


  • I think the decision to have an ablation, however 'minor' a procedure it might be deemed, is not to be taken lightly. For me personally, I wanted to be free of AF and it was the right decision. No post-op complications at all. Tired for a couple of days but then fine and no AF for 5 months. I'm back running and training and wouldn't change a thing.

  • Go for it Shirley my Ablation has liberated me I seem to have lost so much of my life due to bouts of AF.its just a few hours sleeping if you are having a GA. and I am sure it will be ok this time best wishes Hazel

  • There you are Shirley, lots of nice support with the wonderful forum members on this site. Can you see now why I said to make your own post rather than tag it onto mine. The responses are all for you and you alone. Best wishes.


  • Hi Jean, So grateful for so muchl telling the truth which we need to

    know in case we thought it was a cure all and forget that actually

    the risks are very real. We are all so anxious to get an ablation

    maybe we dont really listen to the risks. You have reminded us

    all that it is something we should think about carefully.

    Thanks so much for your help and advice. I do hope that you

    find some help for your health problems.


  • Good luck Shirley, hope all goes well, keep in touch here.

  • Im so grateful to everyone for their good wishes I never expected

    this response and Im overwhelmed many thanks.


  • Good luck Shirley. Plan some pampering for yourself when your ablation is done and dusted. We will all be thinking of you. Anne

  • Good luck Shirley sounds positive just remember to rest if your tired and take it easy over the next few weeks ....that message has so helped me from the forum here ....


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