Idk if it is anxiety or what but for 3 days have had pain in back and down right arm shooting pain off and on and woke up short of breath last night my husband is so mad that I want to go to the ER but I am scared theres something wrong has anyone else ever experienced this before??? Help can it just be stress im 23 yrs old been staying home since july I try to excise at least twice a week

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  • Hi! That would be scary to most people, I think! Have you been diagnosed with AFib? Are you on heart meds? - KeL

  • I have an svt and take metropolol as needed it was scary but the doctor was so convinced it wasnt my heart he didn't take blood or even pee

  • Ugh. I'm so sorry! This stuff can be really frustrating to get sorted out. If it were me, I would stick with it. You know your body better than anyone else. Sometimes you just need to be persistent so that you can get some answers. Hang in there! Everyone here is an awesome support! - KeL

  • Shortness of breath and arm pain could be a sign of a problem get down and get it checked out you can't afford to ignore it!

  • I did thank you and they simply took and ecg xrays and sent me on my way adter 5 hours :/

  • Hi Lulu

    Have you tried anti-anxiety pills when you get these feelings? Although addictive if taken regularly, if you pop just one or two and they work, then that may prove it's your anxiety worsening things, and knowing that should reduce the worry. Been there, got the medal and it worked even though I'm not an anxious person, I was going into fight or flight mode without knowing it.

    I guess you've already tried this but just thought I'd mention it.


  • My gp says metropolol works for my heart and anxiety so she has me take that every day :/

  • I was like that when I first found out I had paf, but gradually I built up my confidence, I totally understand how you're feeling. It's most likely anxiety but always get checkout. Tell your hubby to chill out, him getting frustrated will only increase your stress levels, my ex wife never fully understood my condition either!!!

  • OMG yes exactly it makes me more anxious and just hurts when he cant understand he says he gets upset that I do this to myself but I wish he could TRUELY get it :/ I did get checked out did ecg and xrays and nothing :/ and no blood or urine was even taken I trust doctors maybe I shouldn't

  • What exercise do you do? I know you have been checked out fairly thoroughly, so just wondered whether you have a trapped nerve which is made worse when you lie down. It could affect your breathing or it could be you feel breathless because of the pain or worry!

    Hope you find out what the problem is soon.

  • Just normal excersise with out weights yeah the doctors took xrays and ecg and didn't find anything wrong he said its normal for the pain to radiate he diagnosed me with anxiety:/ I just couldn't believe he didnt take blood or urine

  • I think if I was you I would go and get myself checked out. It is probably absolutely nothing serious, but it could be and that is what is probably making you anxious, and it simply becomes a vicious circle. Once your mind has been put at rest, so will you. The wonderful advice you got referring to three stages of coming to terms with AF is so true, I think you may be on the starting blocks!

  • Yes I just hate im so young with so much fatigue and pain and it probably is all in my mind until I get my ablation i think ill get better :/ idk anymore im just so stressed from all this

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