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Update.pre op

HI Everyone,

As promised a brief update on events prior to my Ablation on the 13th August.

Arrived at Broadgreen Hospital yesterday for my appointments.

First stop was with Linda a Nurse practitioner (thank you Linda,it was fun and informative) Linda talked with me and answered any questions about the procedure in detail.

The procedure is done through veins at the top of the right leg and sometimes under the left collarbone.I will be given a GA.

All meds have been stopped (flec and Bisoprolol) other than the Warfarin which I have to stop taking that two days before Ablation.

I was advised if my AF is at all unbearable ( prior to the Ablation) without the meds to go immediately to local Hospital where I will be treated with alternative medication.

Next there were bloods tests,mrsa testing and CT scan of the heart.

Final stop was Maureen who explained the "smart research trial"(A randomised study comparing pulmonary vein isolation using the smart touch catheter with and without contact force

sensing in the treatment of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation) which i have agreed to take part in.Maureen will be meeting me on the 13th in preparation for the ablation at 1.00pm.

i have been give contact nos from both Linda and Maureen incase of any concerns prior or post Ablation...

Well that's it in a"nut shell".

i close my own practice on Tuesday...

Everything is in order,car valeted,washing and ironing done,coat hangers all facing right way in wardrobe,soxs standing up like soldiers in sox drawer,underwear drawer de-cluttered .My updated Will sitting on my desk and passport at the ready.Oooops sorry i mean INR book.

Take care each and everyone of you, your support over the last couple of years has been phenomenal.


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Best wishes Carol. Focus on happy memories and a better future.


Brilliant Carol, you are on your way..... don't be surprised if Tuesday is a bit odd! I finally let go and a few tears rolled down my face the day before when I knew I was finally putting this AF into someone elses hands! Letting go tears... it felt good!

All the very best wishes - will "see" you on the otherside!


Same here. I look forward to your updates.x


Sounds the same pre-op as mine good luck on 13th dear keep us posted :-)


Hi Carol - That sounded like a thorough pre med. Best wishes for the 13th . Will look forward to your update afterwards. X



BevCarol, all sounds very organised - professionally and personally! Hope it's successful. I was amazed to wake after my first one, ha ha, but no will! (Touch of denial me thinks - although my estate is uncomplicated).

All will be fine - you're en route to symptom-free new lease of life all being well! Fab-u-lous! :-)


Good luck. You will be fine and soon enjoying better health


Hey Carol, will be thinking of you....good luck, I'm sure you will be truly heroic through it all. Love Marilyn xx


Hope you have asked them to play your Caro mio song as you are going under!


Hi carol had ablation done on 23rd july had the same fears as you but really quite unfounded in retrospect ,I have not had AF.since ablation and I am truly liberated ,went out last night for dinner and was confident that I wouldn't have to leave early due to AF.kicking in for 16 hours plus just think of god times to come and being in control again I will be sending out calming thoughts on the 13th just trust the process .Best wishes Hazel


All the best Carol. Will be thinking of you on Wednesday. Next week at this time it will all be behind you and your recovery journey have begun. Kind regards Dee.


Thank you all for your wise and witty responses.Thank you also for those who have been instrumental one way or another in helping me take this leap into the "world of Ablation"

Take care of yourselves.



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