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Report from blood test about racing heart

Went to doctor yesterday for results of blood test. It showed 129 for sodium score. He was very surprised that it hadn't gone up as I've been taking a sodium tablet and three packets of diralyete a day together with very liberal sprinkling of salt on food as he told me. I've to stop taking the bendroflorizide tablet and I'm having another blood test in two weeks. He said that I had to go to A and E if I have another racing episode.

Really thinking about ablation now as this last do was so awful. Just keeping you informed as I said I would. Keep well all of you and thanks for being here. Terry

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Good news that you are getting more information... makes it so much easier to make decisions. Keep us posted and take good care


Thanks Iris will try and do as dr said I find it very hard to get three glasses of diaralyte every day as well as the sodium tablet. The water seems to run straight through me ! I'm going to substitute one glass with a packet of crisps today! My mouth tastes salty. Hope the sodium has gone up but I still feel very tired. Hope you keep well, Terry


Let us know how things evolve.... the crisps are ever so enticing!


Apart from laughter, having to eat a bag of crisps a day is the best medicine I have ever heard of. Hope it works and you soon feel better.


Thanks. Sorry to say I couldn't take the packet of crisps yesterday as had fish and chips with plenty of salt ! Usually eat very "healthy" veg and fruit plus porridge and tofu etc.. Ah well we'll just have to wait and see what the next test says. I did take my sodium tablet and one glass of Dioralyte yesterday. Got to pick up a urine sample bottle today for an appointment next week. I'll keep you informed if you're interested. Knowledge is power !



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