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Test reasults are back ❤️

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Well as a coincidence my cardiologist rang me with my test results yesterday he told me this “

Echo scan: excellent pumping chambers , no signs of any damage or heart disease, left atrium has reduced in size but still is enlarged, slight mild leakage is still there from the mitral valve but valve has no sign of disease so he isn’t worried about it as it’s very common and if he pulled 100 people out of a crowd 70 would have it and not no about it .

Stress test : we had your heart rate up to 157 for 10 minuets and could not induce anything, no AF no SVT , seen a few skips on stoping the test as your heart rate dropped down went very well and reassuring.

48 hour ecg: all in sinus no sight of AF or SVT some ectopic beats 3 in a row but others would not have felt them but you are super sensitive to them so this reading is very reassuring to.

He also said he was ok with stopping my blockers now if I felt ready , it’s day 2 off them and considering I stoped from 10mg strait off before my ablation procedure and had a ruff 2 days I am feeling just as bad as that today from stopping 2.5 😩 shaking like a leaf and feel out of it and very spaced out 👀🙀 I see my EP next week and we will talk about everything and the warfarin. I will continue with warfarin for the next few months as I need to see how I go off these blockers first . I want that cover there in case I do go back into AF . I asked about my left atrium as this was a big concern of mine and he told me it was severely enlarged before my ablation procedure but has decreased in size and not to worry about it as it may not go completely back to normal 😔 but he has said he will keep an eye on me and can still have scans to check as he knows about my brothers death .

So anyway I am having some little palpitations today and feel quite shaky and just like crap but will ride it out 💪🏽 this is probably going to be the test of all tests now but we will see how it pans out 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼❤️

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Doing well Sam . I'm proud of you. Bit of a success story compared to how you were when you first arrived here.


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Sam72- in reply to BobD

Thank you bob I am taking a kicking today 😩surprised how spaced out I feel 😮 but I remember this feeling them couple of days before my ablation procedure and stopping the blockers but was ok on day 3 🤞🏼🤞🏼 feel like crap today my friend 😩

All sounds great Sam x

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Sam72- in reply to

Thanks mikee but not out the woods yet with this one coming off these blockers 😩🙈🙀 did not realize how they effect the brain as well as the heart? I no they stop adrenaline and so on but as my own is kicking back in today I feel like I am on another planet gawwwwwd 😩😩😩

in reply to Sam72-

Maybe it was a big jump from 2.5, I know I reduced to 1.25 for a week, and then half a 1.25 pill for a week before I was off the blighters

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Sam72- in reply to

Ye it’s probably not the best but my heart rate is still in the low 50s today so I don’t want to drop it any lower as I get more palpitations with it under 60 🙄 I was expecting my heart to jump up a lot more today at least into the 70s but it’s only gone up to 67 on moving around 😏

Good luck Sam. x

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Sam72- in reply to jeanjeannie50

Aww thanks jean fingers 🤞🏼hay hope your ok ❤️xx

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jeanjeannie50 in reply to Sam72-

Yep Sam, just o.k. x

Despite your Bradycardia I think that in view of the fact that you get such bad side effects it would have been best to go down to Zero Bisoprolol in steps rather than cold turkey.

Your results look really good it is so good that ultimately the ablation has improved your QOL.

Take care and best wishes for more improvement still.


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Sam72- in reply to pottypete1

Heart rate is still in the 50s and only going up to 67 moving so I will see what happens today, if I feel uncomfortable or worse I will go on to half a tablet 👍🏼 blood pressure is good 👍🏼and thanks Pete still not out the woods as you no x

It never leaves us it is a matter of good management of your condition with hopefully the help of a good EP.


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Sam72- in reply to pottypete1

Agree with that Pete all we can do is try and look after are self 😊❤️we learn something new about this condition over time and hopefully one day there will be a cure 🤞🏼🤞🏼

Well done Sam

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