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Good morning, I always take time to read the daily AF postings and so admire the support given to all!

Please may I ask a question? I have been in normal SNR since January of this year. I consider myself to be well controlled With Sotalol 80mg twice a day and Amlodipine/Simvastatin and Wafarin.

Over the last two weeks I have felt like a chocolate teapot and have noticed that my pulse range is 44/45, I know that I should do lots of exercise but I guess the contradiction is that I feel to weak to walk! or swim.

The arrhythmia nurse seems ok with my pulse.

I would appreciate any opinions.


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  • I'm not surprised that you feel weak with a pulse that low. Far be from me to argue with a nurse but I would say maybe some tweaking to the drugs may help raise it and increase you energy. Do talk to your doctor.


  • I'd say talk to your doc. You've got quite a low pulse rate and whilst the arrhythmia nurse seems ok with it, if it's having significant impact on your daily living then you need the discussion at least, even if it is just to confirm it's normal and the lesser of 2 evils..... be tired or be in AF. Or both!

  • Hi Phyllis - I agree with the others on here that you should talk to your GP as that rate sounds a bit low.

  • Hi Phyllis

    my RESTING pulse rate is often 45bpm but the EP said that's OK as long as it increases with exercise- you problem is that you don't feel like exercising and I agree with Bob that you need to talk to your doctor about the medications you are on- be aware that some drug recommendations have changed with the new NICE guidelines and check your Dr and Nurse are up to date on this.

    I asked the cardiologist if I would need a pace maker because my resting pulse is low and he said, 'Not Yet!!'

    The question too is whether the meds are causing your low pulse rate or whether it is, like mine, low because of age/ wear and tear of the sinus node etc!

  • Thank you all for taking the time to respond to my post, as always I think that I really know that I should seek the GP's advise but I value being in NSR and am scared to risk the possibility of changing or tweaking my drugs and therefore going into AF.

    I also agree with you RosyG, I am 71 and is it age and wear and tear?

    Once again, thank you for taking the time to sit at your computers and respond to my question, I am forever in your debt.


  • Jolly well hope not! I'm only two years behind and still trying to be as active as the arthritis will allow. lol


  • Bob, Bob, I am getting old I tried a handstand the other day and really hurt myself. I have put off doing the splits until I recover from the handstand.

    Thank you as always for your words of wisdom re: slow pulse.

    Keep well


  • I agree with others that it seems a bit low and the fact that you feel unable to exercise sounds like your body also thinks it is too low. Suggest you stress that to your doctor. Sotolol can also slow the ventricle rate. It is also true that as we age our heart does seen to be more erratic and a lot of my friends (& hubby) have recently had pacemakers inserted for that reason and have found a new lease of life!

  • I am truly grateful that you would take time to respond to my question, I also found it very interesting about ventricular rhythm being affected by Sotalol. Thank you for that information.


  • I had a pacemaker fitted in March because of low resting heart rate and now heart rate can not go lower than 50 with the option of raising it to 60

  • Thank you for responding to my post. I find that in all of the answers to my question there will be some information that I can use for reference. Once again thank you.


  • That's interesting I had my ablation in April and managed to get my lungs mucked up by the hospital, but since then my pulse rate is 92 which according to my doctor is high (I am 61) but according to my (specialist) is OK who do you believe?

    Possibly my GP as she didn't perform the ablation and has nothing to hide!

    Sorry I hav'nt got a answer to your question but I thought you might be interested in my case


  • Hi Alan, I believe the normal pulse rate in adults is 72 beats per minute. Because Atrial Fibrillation makes our pulse rate irregular I guess we need to trust the specialists who will be aware of our individual health history, given, that we are all unique.

    Because my pulse fluctuates so much I tend to look to the forum for opinions and generally find really good replies but, at the end of the day, we are all in the lap of the gods re: treatment.

    I hope your ablation has worked and that your lung condition recovers.

    Keep well. Phyl

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