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Low Pulse Rate

I was diagnosed A/F during 2007 and was put immediately put on warfarin which was changed to Rivaroxaban four months ago. I am 73 years old. I suppose like a lot of my fellow sufferers I am accustomed to waking up in the morning feeling OK but as the day progresses energy levels tend to dissipate. Lately I have also been getting dull headaches - so I checked my pulse rate and discovered that it varies from 40 to 50 beats per minute. Just thought that I would test the water on here before seeking professional advice. Any comments gratefully received.

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That is a bit low, perhaps you now have slow af. I would make an appt to see your dr. Are you on any other meds that might affect your pulse?

Good luck let us know how you get on



Thanks for your reply mumknowsbest. No other meds that should influence my pulse rate. I suppose it would be wise to seek advice from my Cardiologist. Trouble is, when you've had A/F for a long time you know more about the condition than some GP's.


That is rather low. You don't say what meds you're on for the AF but when I tried Bisoprolol my heart rate dropped to below 50 and I was feeling unsteady and fuzzy headed. I was immediately told to stop taking it. I'm now on Arythmol and my HR is between 55 and 60. I'm OK on that although I get tired too. Ironically though, my worst time is first thing in the morning when I often feel quite always wears off once I'm up and about.

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I've never quite understood what's bad about a low pulse. About a year ago my GP halved my beta blocker partly because of my pulse always being around 40, but mostly because I had such cold feet. Since then it has usually been between 45 and 55 except when someone takes my blood pressure and then it goes up. Best to take the pulse with the fingers and time it.

Since my ablation, my heart rate is in the sixties and I am finding it a bit unsettling.


Mine is the reverse of yours, was around 60 but since ablation is high 70s or low 80s so will be asking about that at next appointment. However I feel fine. If it is making you feel unwell talk to doctor.


I feel fine, but the faster pulse just seems unfamiliar.


I have just discovered healthunlocked. com and really appreciate the fact that you can discuss A/F related problems with a host of helpful fellow sufferers. It's therapeutic. Many thanks everyone for your replies.


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