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Pulse rate after taking Flecainide


Anybody out there with experience of a dropping pulse rate on Flecainide only?

The medics say Flec does not reduce the pulse rate but just governs the rhythm i.e. AF However...... I am pretty sure my pulse dropped from 60 to 56 after going on 200mgs/day and now I note after 3 years at that dose level, my pulse is down another 4 points to 52. I don't suspect anything else as I take no other drugs and lifestyle is pretty constant plus I regularly check my supplement levels. Any ideas, please.

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I think even anti-arrhythmic drugs can have a very slight slowing affect and these are very small reductions on an already quite low heart rate. Normal is considered around 70 bpm with a range of 60 to 100 so you were already at the bottom of the scale. Why not discuss it with your medical team if you are concerned?

secondtry in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob, I'll follow it for month and then pester my cardiologist, it may just be the nudge I am looking for to decrease my Flecainide which the cardio is sitting on the fence on.

I was put on Flecainide and Diltiazem, which reduced my RHR from 47 to 44. I started on 50mg bd, but increasing to 100 didn't make much difference.

I have started having a low pulse rate, but specialist say not Flecanide, I am on verapamil too, and says mine is that on about putting me on a pacemaker, but now you have got me wondering if it is Flecanide , I will have to check it out,


My cardiologist doubled,y flecinainde from 50 mg's a day to 100 twice a day. My pulse rate dropped so low, I had actual pauses in my heart rate that were picked up on an event monitor. I saw an EP, who took me completely off the flecainide and scheduled me for an ablation. Do not mess around with the lower heart rate!

Thanks everyone. Need to contact the medics for their side of the story. Have a great day.

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