I feel at times like I am vibrating....is that part of the AF or just me. I then suddenly feel relaxed...like when a car engine turns off. t

I have had this experience for years but the AF has been gradual. What do you call an 'episode'? Is it when your palpitations are really strong and your breathing feels like you are getting no air even though you are breathing deeply? Does anyone have any advice on coping with this? Do any of you feel so bad that you fear walking or cant go to work?

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  • Sounds like a pretty standard description of an AF attack or episode to me. Yes it is scary and fighting that fear is the start of coming to terms with the condition. Getting the right treatment and protection from stroke is the next step. We are all different in the way we feel it and the way we cope. Some people can't cope and rush to hospital whilst others fight onwards and try to ignore it. Neither is wrong as we can't know how the other feels.

    AF must be one of the most mongrel of conditions which is why it is so difficult to treat and of course because there is no visible sign of it our suffering usually goes without acknowledgement from others. This makes it very difficult to cope with sometimes..


  • I understand how you feel. The symptoms of an episode seems to vary from person to person. Have you got the support from a good Electrophysiologist and an arrhythmia nurse you can talk with, they are invaluable as is a good GP if you have one who understands the vagaries of AF.

    I use this forum for support along with all the useful information pamphlets they produce on line. Have you tried the AFA 24 hour helpline for support.

    Feeling so bad and fearing walking, or going out alone can be crippling not to mention the issue of work when feeling so ill, the psychological impact can be devastating. However things will improve with the right medical care and gaining your confidence again. Keep strong there is light at the end of the tunnel.


  • Thanks. I have never heard of an Electrophysiologist? I live in the UK.

  • Thanks

  • I am in the UK too. An Electrophysiologist is a Cardiologist who specialises in the electrical aspects of the heart as opposed to the plumbing aspects. You really need to get to see one, your GP will refer you. Have a look on the AFA website they have a list of them shown in order of town/city in which they operate. They really know their stuff so give it a shot.

    Best wishes


  • When I say 'operate' I mean where they are located and work.


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