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Hi all are any of you getting e mail notifications of old posts and questions. Lately I have been getting notifications of posts up to three months old in a random manner so it is often difficult to work out which are new and which old till you scroll through all the responses. Wonder if this is part of the "new improved" Healthunlocked?


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I'm just getting notification of new topics and replies to my posts, as usual. I'm using the new beta system if that makes any difference?.


No,I haven't been getting old posts. I understand your problem as people new to the site will ask questions which have already been covered. That's inevitable but helping newly diagnosed and anxious people it what it's all about.

I recently bought a book by Kate Adie. It's title exactly fits how I feel about this site and the help and reassurance that I have received here :-



No No I don't mind going over the same question countless times even though we do have the FAQs now. I keep getting notifications of old posts where there has been no activity for up to three months and have to read through all the questions and answers to make sure that there is no new question. Strange!


Snap, lots of random older posts .I had one telling me I had a reply to a question which was 11 months ago, to make matters worse it had nothing to do with me at all.They are mixed in with new posts which become quite complicated.

I thought it was just me.


I've just had a notification that I've a reply which a) was 2 months ago and b) had been answered.

Yes, I've been receiving these old posts too. Most confusing!

Me too Bob,For the last 3 days

Hi Bob

Just today on the new look healthunlocked screen I have received two personal responses to messages I had sent to Maitha and Caromia. Both had replied to me one month ago and this is the first time they have come through to me.

Lots of gremlins in the system I fear. Hope your posts experience has now been sorted.


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